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Thread: Cut 60s No pilot arc, went through trouble shooting guide

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    Default Cut 60s No pilot arc, went through trouble shooting guide

    I have a 60s that I bought about a month ago, really just started using it, the pilot arc quit working, replaced the fuse, checked the ground and cable, get ok to cut light, get solenoid and air, get not pilot or arc, only get arc if I scratch start and then it is very weak or will not cut. At this point the trouble shooting guide says contact Everlast.. Im sure someone knows whats going on. Did this thing fry a board already? I have an air dryer on my compressor and the one that comes with the machien on the back and regulator. I also have sent in an email for support. Bought the machine straight from Everlast.
    Chuck Carmin

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    Get on the phone to Everlast.

    30 days is an important cut-off point for the 100% satisfaction guarantee portion of the warrantee, which includes the free shipping for any service issues.

    After 30 days, you pay the shipping, round trip.

    Either way, it'll undoubtedly get fixed.

    You might try taking the cover off and blowing the circuit boards off gently with a compressor, in case you were plasma cutting and some dross, slag, or metal particles sucked into the unit while plasma cutting close to the machine. Then try again.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Check and make sure your swirl ring is still there.

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    Same Problem except it cuts well but I have to scratch start then quickly jog z up and then jog torch around. Not really going to work well as a CNC Plasma torch. Check all the usual items and all appears ok just no pilot Arc

    This machine has been a problem child form the start it has been repaired once and has never worked well. Its being put on a economy machine that is being used for training purposes. I would just like to function as designed.

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    Did you check the fuse?

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    I have a Powerplasma 50S hooked up to a CNC. I am working on the setup of the CNC trying to get the best cut possible. I noticed in the manual, it states that the amperage should drop while establishing the pilot arc and that the amperage should increase when the cutting arc is established. If I observe the Amp meter on the plasma cutter, it does not redue and then ramp back up to the set amperage. It remains the same throughout. Is there an issue with the pilot arc in the unit or m I misunderstanding the sequence?

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