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Thread: P80 torch on the PowerUltra 205?

  1. Default P80 torch on the PowerUltra 205?

    Can someone tell me if the P80 plasma torch is compatible with the Powerultra 205?
    I currently have the S45 torch on it but wanted something beefier at higher amperage.
    Trying to figure out (and confused about) if my machine uses the any of the following or combination of blowback, pilot arc start, HF, HF start?
    And if the S45 and P80 use the same combination.
    I believe the machine uses IGBT.
    Would really appreciate it if someone could sort me out.

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    No. If your unit came with an S45, you should not change it. The P80 is a HF start design. Incompatable. The S45 is blowback start design. Both have Pilot arc. The S45 and the unit are tuned to work together. Do not change it.

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    Thanks Mark

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