I have a SuperCut 51P that I have had for approximately six months. I just recently change the electrode tip and cup. There is a desiccant dryer on the air compressor as well as the OE separator. The other day pulled the trigger and plenty of air and no spark. Touched the tip to the metal and a few very very small sparks where present. Pulled it apart nothing look out of the ordinary, put it back together and same thing.

The following day I took it all apart again and looking inside the torch head i saw What I perceived as carbon build up around the electrode, I know now (THIS IS MY FIRST PLASMA CUTTER) that what I was pulling out in small pieces was the swirl ring.

Would this (prior to me destroying it) have caused my problem? Afterwards I put it back together and was able to make a 6" cut before it quit on me.

Is this the root of the problem and by replacing the swirl ring things should be back to normal?

I hope so!