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Thread: Using a welder with a generator

  1. Default Using a welder with a generator

    Has anybody used a champion 9000 watt generator to power an everlast 200xt welder?

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    Elaborating more on my question. My concern is clean power. The Champion generator produces under 15% clean power
    and the Everlast welder requires 5% clean power....has anybody had any problems with damage to their inverter welder?

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    Don't do it. Champions blow up things and void warranties all the time. There's a huge difference between 5% and 15%.

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    The Northern Tools POWERHORSE line has THD of under <5%... I run my Powermig 230i off one and it's a great way to roll.

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    Have you tried or has any info about The PREDATOR 9000W. Doesn't show any in the HF page.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamecock View Post
    The Northern Tools POWERHORSE line has THD of under <5%... I run my Powermig 230i off one and it's a great way to roll.

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    Most of the Predator lines weren't clean. They did introduce a few models that were rated as clean, but they are odd numbered like 8750 or something.

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    A lot of guys over at WW are happy with this generator for welding...

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    Everlast 200xt should work perfectly fine with champion 9000 as it has dual-voltage support.

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    Champions are usually not clean power rated.

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    The Inverters?

    The Amazon link I posted says it's < 3% THD...

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    Champions have not had the best track record in those claims. They may be now, but that still seems a little optimistic.

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