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Thread: Hello and a few ??'s re: a 230i MIG..

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    Hi - I'm new and needing some info about the Everlast 230i MIG version which I find quite appealing.
    I had an older 225 amp Lincoln MIG that got flooded out in a bad storm which ruined my garage roof.
    I presently am waiting on insurance appraisals and expect they will tell me to replace it (Hopefully!) verses incurring the costs and time to repair mine..
    I have been looking for a somewhat smaller and easier to move around comparable type to purchase to do home welding projects and came across the 230i which has many similar basic features to mine - but is smaller and more portable and dual voltage to boot - all of which would work well for me.
    My questions for some who may hopefully wish to respond are:
    Where are Everlast welders made and are they as durable and dependable as most other Lincoln and Millar alternatives and ditto for service and/or parts and service?
    Is a 230i a good solid and dependable Everlast model or version considering it doesn't have too many new or fancy built-in bells and whistles and has been produced for a year of more now from what I can tell?
    I want something I can lean on a bit when I need some good power - will it really do something like 3/8" steel plate or better in a single pass?
    Does or can it do something like 5056 aluminum very well either with or without a spool gun?
    If I buy a spool gun to go with it - what one would do a decent job, considering there are a few choices and I am relatively frugal and don't do tons of Al projects, but I would like to end up with some quality work when I do take some on?
    Is the MIG gun that is included with this unit a decent version - there again are other Everlast options.. but does the standard one work well for normal usage over what appears to be fairly costly upgrades?
    The specs say 0.030 - 0.045 wire.. does or can the 230i unit also do 0.023 if necessary and I assume flux core can be used if needed at 0.045..?
    Overall - is the 230i a fairly basic and powerful, good reliable and sane choice considering there are Everlast 200 and 251 versions available as well as Miller 211 Autosets or Lincoln 210MPs as competitors out there all of which I figure would be either a bit too low or a lot too high power-wise and/or without features the 230i has that seem to me to fit for my usage?
    I don't do stick but it would be a nice alternative outdoors choice - but mainly I just need a very reliable MIG to do solid steel work - with some aluminum and possibly some stick in the right conditions..
    To any and all who choose to try here and respond from and area of usage and experience with the 230i model to these many question - Your feedback and assistance is very much appreciated!
    Randy in Canada..

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    70+ thread views and no one knows or cares sufficiently to reply to questions related to a model on a brand specific forum!
    Guess I should be looking elsewhere for my information..
    Thanks - Randy

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    All of that information is already on the US website. The canadians do offer different kits/combinations of accessories. This is a US based forum. Specifics should be gotten direct from the source. Just call them. They do not monitor this forum. But, please don't take offense, but your post is a bit rambling and all across the board with questions, and at the end you seem to be addressing members of the forum, who may be confused as well with the lack of focus, about their experiences. A lot of these guys are busy at work, and trying to bridge the holidays, and the business brought to them near the year's end for customers to write off their taxes.

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    FWIW, Everlast is made in China, which is mentioned on our website, but so are Many Miller and Lincoln products, and assembled in Mexico or China itself. There are no more true US made units in this realm. We use name brand components. We are US based with distribution on 6 continents. Many companies which are based in the US, Most so called US welding products, have "assembled in USA" on the box. This is very misleading because people confuse this with Made in USA. And you cannot get a clear answer from them about % components that are made in US versus China or elsewhere, such as costa Rica, Mexico, Taiwan, China or elsewhere.

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    Sorry if you and others found my post to be rambling, confusing, or somewhat disjointed or out of focus..
    But YES it truly wasn't meant or in fact intended for someone from Everlast selling or representing 'the brand' to answer my questions - it WAS intended you were correct, hopefully for users, unbiased ones at that (I naively thought that was the intent of 'forums') who have spent their hard-earned $$'s to purchase Everlast, so I too could discover the warts (all brands have them) and gather issues, compliments, or feedback.
    Otherwise I and most I know, are bright sufficiently enough to call either a US based or Canadian retailer and get any 'brown envelop' info..
    Additionally surprisingly, I am also aware that people do actually work and have external commitments besides reading forum posts to keep them busy - but this thread had the last time I looked, close to 170 reads and probably more now as I write this - so it was and is apparent there are actually quite a few who had the time to choose to read my initial posting as well as I assume from the numbers - some opportunity to respond, or be confused by it as you noted.
    The Canadian Everlast website automatically accesses this .com site when you click on the Forum button - so unfortunately that is why all of you US-based people I guess were saddled by a post otherwise intended for Canadian purchaser feedback, and for that I apologize I guess, possibly, maybe..
    It really was my intention to do exactly as you sagely suggest here Mark, namely call a source with questions - but only AFTER getting edumacated by real comments and information I gathered from those really 'in the know' - but Thanks!
    After it's all said and done - 'and please don't take this the wrong way'.. without much in the way of any good information to go on (I place a high value on first hand, independent and unbiased opinions obviously - far more than any sales rep. doles out), I therefore have decided to look more directly at brands of welders other than Everlast, with the intent of purchasing one in the next week or so as a 'selfie' Christmas gift.
    Thanks again Mark for your 'assistance' and response at least.. sort of - twice!
    May you have both a Good Holiday and Tax Season..
    Regards - Randy

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