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Thread: Noticed This Everlast 210EXT Video For Doing Stainless Steel

  1. Default Noticed This Everlast 210EXT Video For Doing Stainless Steel


    It's a one, with a guy interviewed by Bob Moffat, who actually owns a 210EXT for his home production stuff, but also uses Miller and Lincoln units at work for stainless conveyor systems TIG welding.

    "When we bring up stainless steel, people always ask how to get beautiful colors. @dabswellington is the master at coercing those colors out of stainless and he is kind enough to share some of his secrets with us."
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    I've also just noticed this comparison graphic/chart put out by Everlast.

    Of course, it's comparing two existing Everlast units (which are the innovator models and FIRSTS to Market) against proposed and yet unreleased Miller and ESAB models that will reportedly be coming out soon.

    Everlast just ROCKS for value, performance, and innovation!

    I'd post the graphic/chart directly, but the file apparently exceeds the upload size limit on this forum.

    Honestly though, it does look like the new Miller unit will be a surprising value, at around $3000 (CyberWeld pre-release price?), for die-hard Miller fans.
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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    It occured to me further, that Miller may also be following Everlast's lead in marketing their new unit too, in how Everlast offered lower, pre-release pricing as the 221STi and 251STi were scheduled to come to market some time ago.

    Miller was kind of clever too, in how their sole AC/DC TIG-MIG super-Multi is neither 200 amp nor 250 amp, but in it's own 220 amp niche.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Actually Christian,
    From what I can remember, the specs match almost EXACTLY the specs we released initially on our units before they were finalized. We were going to base our unit off of the 230i at first. Then we decided to stay as compact as we could while preserving duty cycle and went with the 200 amp platform. The pre specs we released I believe are almost word for word the same as ours were. So, I imagine they did copy us once they saw our announcement and once they were in development, and we dropped our unit, it was too far down the road for them to change.

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    The days of false narratives that try to dismiss Asian-produced welding units, especially Everlast ones, as "the Chinese just make cheap copies of American designs" are pretty much over. (OK, well the North Americans do seem to copy the North Americans, from what I can tell, with the new Harbor Freight welders being patterned after the SW200 and Millermatic, but HF still lets the Asians produce the units. Ha, ha, ha...)

    Of course, imitation is a sincere form of flattery, to me, regardless of the statist invention known as intellectual so-called property, i.e., taxpayer-subsidized ownership of ideas for a term of years, aka, monopolies.

    I also see the virtue in having the 200 and the 250 amps unit in a welder line. I mean, the 251Si is priced better than the new Miller, since it has more output, more features, and better duty-cycle.

    But it's interesting how even Everlast had that tendency to try to stradle the 200-250 amp range, with a proposed 230i model. "Compact" is important to many. I like "compact" too.

    Miller and ESAB are seeming behemoths in the welding marketplace, which makes them slower to innovate and costlier in their units. I think that when companies get real big that they go off on tangents, too, which causes them to lose touch with potential new customers. I mean, like I saw a video of how Miller created sophisticated welding simulators, for educational settings. There's just something terribly funny about, to me. Or like those childrens little bicycles that have no pedals. Ha, ha, ha...

    I think Honda had something similar going on in the 1990s, when they were so successful, that they went off on tangental stuff like space ship building, as their car manufacturing was getting really crummy in the 1990s.

    So, it does seem that Miller and ESAB are actually starting to try to compete, which brings new values to the market, i.e., consumers.

    Now, the next innovation might be which label brings an AC/DC TIG, Double-Pulse MIG unit to market.

    Wheee!!! Won't that be fun!!!!!!
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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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