Hello, another new member here on the forum from Texas. In a weird coincidence my name is Jerry also like AV8OR1 from Texas. Based on his screen name I am guessing he is a pilot, I am a retired military Aviator and still fly for a living.

I started my welding foray 20 years ago when I restored a 67RS/SS Camaro. MIG was all I had done until recently. I am now restoring a 59 Austin Healey Frog Eye Sprite for my wife, her first car. I have been MIG welding all the plug welds needed and various patch areas but want to be able to work the metal on body panels after welding more easily. So this has brought me to TIG. My current welder is a Forney 190 Multi-Process. I have started doing TIG with it but want a more full featured DC TIG only machine. So I will receive my Everlast I-TIG 200T today from the man in brown.

I am all self taught on TIG and have tons to learn. I have probably watched every TIG video out there. Learned a lot but am at a point that I am looking to improve my skill more by seeking a mentor that can coach me personally.