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    Hi y'all-

    Just bought a PowerMig 275p. Along with my purchase, I upgraded the gun cable length from 4m (~13 ft) to 5m (~16 ft), some contact tips and a set of FCAW double rollers. There were a few other consumables that I had my eyes on but I wanted to give things a try first to see what I liked, then go from there.

    The purchase was the Friday before the 4th. I received it one week later to the day. Shipped just as advertised and expected. I'd like to offer some feedback based on what I know thus far, if I may.

    First, I had a few technical questions just prior to placing my order and tried to contact Mark at x204. Left a message, no returned call. Concluded that he was too busy or perhaps on vacation, but I would have liked to have heard back from him or someone, as this disconnect would lead to a slight delay on receipt day (today). I also left a message for Kiril, who helped a good deal when he packaged and shipped my order (from what I could gather), but no reply from him either. Sasha, a customer support rep (from what I understand), was quite responsive though, correcting the spelling of my name on the order and sending me the invoice, which I hadn't received yet due to a transcribing error when I gave my email address (easy enough to do, I understood that). I'd like to make it clear to the Everlast folk that although there were other reasons I bought the 275p, the single most important aspect to me was the 5-year warranty. Second was the fact that if I didn't like it I have 30 days to return it for a full refund, no questions asked. These things are what earned you the sale, period. Otherwise I would have went elsewhere. As I told the salesperson, I hope to never need that warranty (nor the return for that matter), but if I do, I hope that Everlast will make good on it. Time will tell.

    Now onto the receipt of the welder.

    The packaging, apart from the box itself which was showing the usual shipping wear-n-tear, was quite good I thought. The welder was tucked away inside some hefty Styrofoam and the accessories were packaged inside a box that held up ok to the shipping experience. I was a bit surprised to see that the handle did not come pre-attached to the frame of the welder. That would have made lifting it out of the box a bit easier. However I could see why that wasn't the case, since the consumables occupied the space that the handle would have been located within the box. The handle and two bolts were supplied of course, as was a hex/allen-key to install them. Easy enough to do after I removed the welder. Admittedly, the very first thing I did after removing the contents from the outer box was to verify that I had the ~16 ft MIG cable. I did, and was glad that I paid the extra $$$ for that upgrade. After that I took a quick look at the remainder of the consumables content, but didn't do any serious verification because ... I wanted to turn my attention to powering the machine itself.

    This was one of the questions that I had for Mark/whomever ... I was hesitant to buy a 240V-only welder for the simple fact that you kinda limit yourself - in a way - as to where you can work. You are also less portable in the general case. However I wanted the performance of the 275p so I decided to go with it anyway. The question that I had was in regard to supplying power to the machine ... what should the amperage be for that circuit? Before I laid down any cash, I found references that stated that the 275p has a rated input amperage of 52A and in the one YouTube video in which the 275s was demonstrated, the guy said "at least a 50A circuit breaker" as I recall, so I wasn't sure what I should have installed in my shop. Time went by after I placed the order, and naturally I forgot. Well the machine arrived today and I didn't have an outlet to plug it into 'cause I wasn't sure what I should tell the electrician. So should it be 60A? That exceeds the rated amperage, so I didn't want to go with that without confirmation. Anyway, being extra cautious with this aspect of the machine's operation lead to an inability to power it up today. Until I can get a definitive answer I suppose I'll just use my air compressor's plug; however that is an L6-30, so I'll need to go to the local box store to pick up some wire and connectors in order to fashion up a supply cable that I can use in the meantime. I don't have a need to use the machine to weld anything too thick at present, so the 30A should suffice for now. That said, does anyone know what amperage rating the CB should have for a 275p? Thanks in advance...

    Then there was the manual. Oh boy. Just 8x10 printouts fastened together with staples. At least it came in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements, so that was something. Still, the grammar is not good (obviously written by a non-native English speaker), there are a considerable amount of typos and at least one item that was out-n-out incorrect. Although I don't want to bash it too much, they could spend some time with this manual...

    I did look over the unit briefly, it seemed ok but now that I think about it, I was so concerned about the power issue that I even forgot to verify that it is a 275p and not a 275s! Hah! I'll do that first thing in the morning, prior to working on the power cable.

    And that, unfortunately, is all I have to report at the moment. I'm knee-deep in a project at the moment and must deliver it this weekend. Only a little welding remains; I sold my red box in order to upgrade to this Everlast unit, so I need to get it powered and running tomorrow in order to meet the deadline. Wouldn't ya know that someone would want to buy it off of CL while you are smack-dab in the middle of using it.

    Anyway. I will post updates as I go, though I suspect I should take them to a different forum, since this is for member introductions and I've now completed said introduction.


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    Welcome to the forum. Here's your manual
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    Thank you, any feedback regarding the circuit breaker thing? Based on what I've read I keep returning to 50A. Suppose I'll call the electrician to see if he has an answer.
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    A 50A should be fine. I've never tripped a 50 with the 250p and it goes well above it's advertised specs.
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    Ok thanks. I was able to build a power cable and get the machine running. However I am low on gas so I planned on flux coring it to finish out the project. Unfortunately whoever packed my accessories only sent one FCAW roller! Wha-? Why would you only send 1? I'm confused. I bought 4. So now I'm in a pickle. I guess I'll see if I have enough gas to get me through but it's gonna be close. Disappointed in that... Will need to call on Monday to get the other 3 rollers sent.

    I took pictures of all of this and tried to upload them but there were severe picture size limits. I've seen larger pictures in other posts so that too was confusing. Maybe it's an external picture hosting forum... dunno.

    Anyway thanks again for the CB thing.

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    Alright so I continued to work on the project yesterday and last night. Ran out of gas so I had to bring the welding stuff to a halt. I realized that I had a typo in my previous post though ... I bought 2 of the flux core rollers not 4. Still, only 1 was shipped so I'll call tomorrow to get another one sent. A few things I've noticed about the unit:

    1) They shipped the correct model, it is the 275p and not the 275s. All of the consumables I ordered appear to have been included, save the aforementioned flux core roller.
    2) The side door makes some kind of binding sound as you close it, just as it nears the top of its travel in the closed position. I am able to close it however it is kinda ... I dunno, concerning. I don't want to break anything on my ~$2000 welder! I'll try to find some time to see what the cause is. If it's something minor and that I can repair myself, do I void the warranty by doing so? It's just the door, so I'd think not, but want to double-check. If that isn't the type of thing that can be answered in the forum, I'll ask tomorrow.
    3) One of the roller retainers (you know, the bolt-with-a-large-flathead-slot-built-in-its-top "retainers") is quite wobbly when you screw it in. And it is like that in both locations. The other retainer screws into either location easily with no wobble. So it's not the female end of the retainer fastening mechanism, it's the one flathead-bolt retainer itself that is the cause of the issue. I'd like to ask for a replacement when I call for the missing roller. Hopefully they'll send me one. I'm willing to ship this defective retainer back if they want.
    4) The font cover of the unit that protects the user interface panel is a great idea, though clearly not new. I'm just curious: if you needed a new one of these, can they be had?
    5) The power cord on my machine appears to be 10 awg, if I read it correctly. I seem to recall reading a criticism (although I can't recall if it was of the 275p now, I only *think* it was) of this product was that the power cord was 12 awg. So if I am remembering all of that correctly, I have to give Everlast credit for increasing the gauge of its power cord from 12 to 10. Good call. If it was always 10 awg on this product, well I musta transposed the content of my review reading somehow. Apologies.

    Now as to the welding itself. The project I am working on at the moment involves relatively thin material. 16 gauge sheet metal mostly. One of the things that I never liked about my red box was that the voltage and wire feed speed control was selected through knobs that, although they had "infinite" settings - ergo they were not the click from one position to another style, were labelled in numbers for wire feed speed and in letters for voltage. So flux core on 16 gauge sheet metal for example was a suggested 1-E. After a while of using this box, I got to know the settings for various thicknesses. While that was good, I just didn't like not knowing exactly what those letters and numbers translated to. I thought about creating myself a chart after conducting a few tests, but never had the time nor the desire to run through that much welding wire just to create a chart. Therefore I am a fan of the digital display for these two aspects of MIG welding that the 275p offers. I don't know about the granularity of accuracy between say 200 IPM and 201 IPM with such a configuration, but still I like the concept better.


    After playing around with some scrap material relevant to the project and blowing a couple of holes (Hah! ) I determined what would work for this material. I was able to use it until, as I mentioned, I exhausted my gas supply. Fortunately rain in the local area has delayed my due date, so I'm not in as big of a pinch as I would have been ordinarily. Hopefully Kirill or whomever I talk to can ship the components I need ASAP. So once I had things dialed in, the 275p laid down nice beads. Even with the relatively thin material it performed well. I am looking forward to putting the machine through its paces when this project is finished and I have some time to work on thicker material. One review I read stated that the customer purchased a series 24 gun for the smaller work because he felt that the 36 series gun that came with the unit was a bit large for such work. While I can understand that viewpoint, and might even follow suit, I just like having the larger gun to work with. As the guy in the video stated, you need this type of gun in order to work on the bigger stuff. He's right and I'm glad I have it.

    Ok enough for now. If I ever figure out how to post pictures, maybe I'll contribute to the customer's projects sub-forum too.


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    I can't give you accurate information on warranty or policy since I'm not an Everlast employee. I just help where I can. The forum settings for uploading pictures have been totally screwed up for a long time and there doesn't seem to be any interest in correcting them. You can use a third party image hosting site if you'd like.
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    Sorry if you called me on Friday. It was a busy day for calls. I try to call everyone back if a message is left and even if not. I do believe we talked earlier this week, though.

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