We're about to move, or rather we've begin the move down the road to a larger facility essentially that is several fold larger than what we have now. Our growing pains are your gain.

This weekend, we are offering discounts on all welders. You can get a standard discount of 10% across the board on all welders and plasma cutters. However, on the following models, since we have an abundance of units in stock of these models we are giving you a 20% discount off list. These 20% off models will be on our website marked down to that price this weekend. Any other model will not show a mark down and will need to be ordered direct to receive the 10%, or rather ordered direct through me or other representative of Everlast. Just PM or call me at 877 7555 9353 ext 204 if you want to speak with me or have any questions about product. PLEASE Note: Sorry, but We can't make price adjustments to orders already placed/taken, processed or in transit from Everlast. We hope everyone understands. Even if you don't understand, we still won't be able to refund and change your price you've paid.

20% on the following models:

PowerTIG 185DV
PowerTIG 200DV
PowerTIG 210EXT
PowerTIG 250EX
PowerTIG 255EXT
PowerPro 205si
PowerPro 256si
PowerMTS 251Si
PowerMIG 253DPI
PowerMIG 275P