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    Does this forum need one of those animated tumbleweed emojis?
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    Something happened....

    The last "real" post was in April I think (by ME it looks like). I assumed it was an issue with the forum itself but,,, maybe not? Everybody's migrated to that Facebook nonsense I guess.

    So many of the smaller Forums have gotten to be much less active lately ;(

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    There seems to be nothing wrong with the forum function itself.

    So, it seems odd that it has slowed down to this crawl, as the latest Everlast units seem to be either sensational industry firsts, like the two STi AC/DC TIG/MIG units, or a unit that also has no peers or competition, like that new, DPi, 250 amp double-pulse MIG unit.

    I mean, this is an exciting time for Everlast users, buyers, and the welding unit marketplace itself.
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    Yeah I've had to dodge a few tumbleweeds in the past couple of weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambozo View Post
    Does this forum need one of those animated tumbleweed emojis?
    Looks like the site is running again. Wohoo...

    Yep and tumble weed would be cool.

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