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    So here is the next in my long list of stupid welding questions.

    200e running on a 30 amp 110 volt circuit.

    I am going to weld up a trailer hitch the part the ball sits on. I have scrap 1/2" angle iron and the 1/4" thick tube that I'm using.

    I've done half inch stuff before with an even wimpier 110v welder, but I set that on a propane burner long enough to turn a dull red. It worked quite well.

    I am considering putting these bits of metal in the oven on broil (500F) for an hour or so (since I don't have the propane torch anymore) then do the welding.

    Am I wasting my time by doing this?

    Is the 200e more than powerful enough to handle 1/2"?


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    A little preheat is always nice, but the real thing is to bevel the joints properly and do multi pass welds.
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