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    Apparently we are supposed to show where we are.

    So I have been welding for a few years off and on. I burned up a Crutchfield Hauser or some such cheap welder bought off of Craigslist. I'm not surprised. To get any kind of weld I had to put it on its highest setting (it had a symbol of a plug on it which I assume means whatever it could get from the 110v circuit). Funny thing was it quit while it was just sitting idle. Fan stopped, lights went out, dead.

    Sooo I have a new 200E. To say it's a step up is an understatement! I am in the process of mapping the dashes on the dials to real world measurements (FPM and voltage) and for that I do have a question. I am currently using a 110 circuit but will be upgrading to a 220 as soon as I figure out how to do it without electrocuting myself. I am wondering if the voltage readings I am getting now will change when I switch to the 220 circuit. Common sense says yes, but very little of the situations I have faced in welding follow common sense, at least to me.

    And here is the question for which I joined this forum and one I'm sure is answered somewhere already, but I can't find it.

    The 200E doesn't have a settings chart on the door for voltage and wire speed. But it occurs to me that these settings are not necessarily welder specific settings, but rather a function of the wire size and material size. So the setting for .035 on 1/4" material steel should more or less be the same across all welders (MIG, Fluxcore). Am I correct in this assumption? If so, then I would expect somewhere you can find a document that details these settings for a wide range of wires sizes, material types and sizes, no? If anyone can point me to such a document, I'd be appreciative.

    Other than that I've muddled my way through several projects from a trailer revitalization to a large Brick BBQ. Fun times! Seriously. Nothing better than creating useful stuff. Just need to avoid poisoning myself.

    Thanks for every pearl of wisdom that comes my way.

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    BTW, I posted my two questions in the general welding forum. Probably best to answer then there if you were of a mind to.


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    Welcome to the forum.
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