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Thread: Did someone test the powerarc 200st with an clamp multimeter?

  1. Default Did someone test the powerarc 200st with an clamp multimeter?

    I had problems regulating the amperage and I tested my powerarc 200st at 80 amp and the clamp meter reads me 110 to 125 depending on the length of the arc! I have a defective machine?

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    No, that is called arc force control. If you've never welded with an inverter with arc force control, then you'll need to relearn a little to weld properly. Turn your heat down and push in to control the arc.

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    You have probably learned this already but my welding school instructor and I determined that on the 3/8” coupons we were using I needed to turn the machine down to about 59% of what we had the school Millers set on.
    You have probably learned the need to keep the arc length constant.
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    All over the internet, people state that the amperage displayed on the Everlast readouts are inaccurate and you're actually running ~20 amps hotter than the reading on the display. I don't know why they can't get them calibrated accurately, but evidently that's how they like it. It's better than being overrated like other Chinese welders, where 300 amps = less than 160 actual amps.
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    Michael. All over? Really? I've been at this with Everlast for 11 years. I've been welding for 40. And I've taught welding on a college level. No, the welders do run hotter than what is set when the voltage dips because of arc length. This is called "Arc Force" or DIG. Inverters have this capability. The units when people look at the display reflect the change. What you miss is that most other brands have no display, so there is no exact setting where the amps are exactly accurate, including many inverter welders. Most brands have a certain variation in accuracy (that does have a digital display) of 3-5% as it is.

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