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Thread: Would like assistance with setting parameters on my 2017 Power i TIG 201

  1. Default Would like assistance with setting parameters on my 2017 Power i TIG 201

    If ignorance is bliss, that makes me a very happy man. Just got my i TIG 201 last month. I've been welding for about 2 years on a mig machine. Decided to try TIG and liked the specs on this machine. That being said, I'm a 75 year old retired GI that is having difficulty getting all the knobs, dials and whistles working together on this machine. (My MIG welder pretty much automatically sets up & doesn't require much brain power.) I want to TIG light weight metal. Basically 18 gauge to 14 gauge steel. I've read the manual numerous times but cannot seem to get things straight. Sure would appreciate somebody giving me a simple starting point. After I retired from military I taught special needs students for 17 years......therefore I'd really like somebody to do the same for me. I mean, turn torch trigger knobs to X & Y. Seconds knobs to X & Y. Pulse knobs, etc. I've been either too hot, too cold, etc. so far in practice and I sure could use some assistance. Thanks. Fred

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    I'll link to a quickie video on the unit below.

    And I'll recommend that you don't use the pulse function to begin with. Also, it may be better for you not to use a foot pedal, to begin with, as DC TIG welding doesn't really need it. That will allow you to focus more on torch and filler control, at first. Just adjust the amps at the panel like you would on Stick or MIG until it's about right, then you can compensate for heat inputs with travel speed and filler amount. After you get comfortable with the two-handed portion of TIG, then introduce the foot pedal. I mean, on my DC-only TIG unit, it was foot-pedal capable, but as an option, which I never bought, and that was never a problem to me. Of course, when I got an Everlast AC/DC unit for doing aluminum TIG, a remote amperage device became a near absolute necessity.
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    Thanks for the reply. I've probably watched Chuck go thru the 201 YouTube about 20 times. He knows what he is talking about but it doesn't address the nitty gritty that I'm in need of. I really and truly need a "cheat sheet" to get me started in the right direction.
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    Try a bead on plate with no filler, just get a puddle started and move.

    I'd start with 1/8" plate/sheet first. Use a 3/32" tungsten for that.

    When you graduate to the thinner stuff a 1/16" tungsten may be the better choice. But don't take a 1/16" tungsten over 100 amps for very long. has a lot of TIG videos.
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    Compared with Mig, Tig has an uphill learning curve. This first thing I learned is how to sharpen up Tungsten because I dipped it so often. Stick to the basics, just like anything worth while, it requires time and effort. Many of us thank you for your service.
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    Here's my favorite teacher... and thanks for your service to our country.

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    Thanks... Can use all the help I can get.

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    Watching Jody is like watching pro golf, he makes it look easy! Yet he has volumes of excellent information and videos.
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    Thanks for the support!!!

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