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Thread: Anyone every hear or use Magnegas???

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    Default Anyone every hear or use Magnegas???

    A friend to me about it. It is supposed to replace Acetylene gas for a cutting torch. It was supposed to burn a lot hotter and a lot cheaper. I hardly find any info on the net about it, except from the company that makes it. It is made from basically garbage. Has anyone ever used it, or know anyone that does?

    Is it a high pressure gas like natural gas, or a low pressure like Propane or acetylene. Do you need different torch tips or a different regulator??
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    As far as fuels go, the heavier the fuel the more energy it contains and the more heat you get by adding enough oxygen to to burn it. If it's delivering more energy than acetylene I think it would need to be heavier. Oxy gasoline torches can cut really thick steel.
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    Everything I see for magnagas looks like a infomercial

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    The real test will be how well clean it welds. Any heat source will work for cutting. In fact once the cut is started, you really only need the oxygen to keep it going, (if you're good).
    If it's available and cheap, it will get used, if not, it won't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoama View Post
    Everything I see for magnagas looks like a infomercial
    That is the same thing I am finding. I found one place around me that was supposed to sell it, and they told me no. I pulled up the specs and it is about 65% hydrogen. Hydrogen burns slightly cooler than Acetylene. So not sure how they are saying it burns a lot hotter.

    A friend was asking me about it. He is a guy that likes to spend $10 to save a quarter. As far as a lot cheaper, I don't see it. I tried propane a while back. I wasn't happy with it. It worked ok, but just was a hassle, special tips and it did not save much money, if any.
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