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Thread: Where does the text go when going to Advanced editor ?

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    Default Where does the text go when going to Advanced editor ?

    Normally I like to use the Advanced editor as it has the uploads there and such, when the work.

    Today when going to the Advanced editor, there is no text in the edit window, but there is up in the preview.

    The editor window seems to think there is no text.

    Did you do something with the configuration today?

    Anything, just curious. Something changed, so someone is playing around with the settings.

    I was told there are people that manage these forums and web pages as well as Amazon, but I don't get it. The number of people that I was told just doesn't make sense to me.

    One person can manage and take care of these Forums easily, yet they continually have problems.

    I know what the problem is, engineers make more money than welders in this area...our housing price are enough to give people from the midwest a quick heart attack, and most salaries would astonish most people. Yet this is the area it is so hard to hire people, even immigrants make 2x-3x what most people make across America...I'm not trying to fault Everlast for how they manage their online processing and/or administration, but that is a part of the engineers don't work for free. Unless you hire professionals that know WTF they're doing, you will be bubble gumming 'til the cows come $0.02...take it with a large grain of salt. I can't even keep myself employed, so WTF do I know?

    That said, could you fix the Advanced editor so it has text in once again? *gd&r*


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    Often times it is caused by the patches. Or updates to browsers. Mine is working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    Often times it is caused by the patches. Or updates to browsers. Mine is working.
    Well, that's what I eluded to. If you want to start understanding why some of these issues pop up, keep track of what you patch and what breaks.

    I've seen people ask why the board is not more active, and the answer is typically, it comes and goes, to paraphrase.

    Until you make the board usable people will continue to come and go.


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    Working fine for me on Chrome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambozo View Post
    Working fine for me on Chrome.
    Yeah, it's working fine on Firefox now also.

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    If only picture worked correctly with thumbnails and auto resizing.
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