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    hi everyone. i'm joe and i'm from melbourne, australia. a computer programmer by profession but i like doing things myself (DIY) around the house.

    recently, like a few months back, i bought a cigweld 175i+. due to lack of knowledge, i didn't know that i won't be happy with it specially on the TIG feature. i'vve used the mig and the stick, no real issue. the mig is the one thing that i've been using on it. i did some tig and only then i discovered that i need some more to what it can offer. for one, it doesn't have a foot pedal. no solenoid for gas on tig so i have to control the gas in the torch's valve which is kind of annoying and i'm wasting a lot of gas whenever i forget to turn it off after the weld. and it's annoying that i have to turn the valve on before i weld and then go back to where i was before i start the arc by touching the piece and lifting the rod. this is what happens when you buy something and you have no full knowledge or foresight on what you will need or use it for.

    dyarannn...i bought everlast 255 ext before christmas. the gift to myself (wink wink). this is after watching a lot of youtube videos on tig and tig machines.

    i haven't used it yet and i know that this is overkill for what i want to do. i have a lot of projects lined up which requires welding. i've done a couple already and one of them is my fence and sliding gate at the front of my house. but this one i used mig welding. i'd like to use the combination of tig and mig. i need to modify and extend the home gymn i bought for my son. i also would like to make a couple of workout machines which if i will buy will cost me thousands of dollars. i'm doing the design using sketchup.

    anyway... we'll see. i like this kind of challenges. as much as i enjoy computer stuff, i like seeing my work or the result of my work physically. it's very rewarding emotionally and financially. for example, for the metal fencing/gate and sliding gate in front of my house, i was being charged by 3 companies for a minimum of $9.5K. i did it myself and i only spent $2.5K. but of course that doesnn't inlcude the cigweld machine i bought for $1K+. but it still justifies the cost and i get to keep the machine . anyway, for the gate/fence, welding is minimum but still required.

    sorry, this intro is very long. i have a lot of questions about tig. i've used and have done it in a couple of projects. i really love it. i just just it or mig depending on what kind of result i want to achieve.

    again, i have a lot of questions on tig for now more on how i can upgrade my torches. because the ones that came with the machine are not flexible enough to my liking and they are quite heavy. so i will post my question in the proper forum category later on.

    best regards to everyone and thanks mike for letting me join the forum.


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    Welcome to the forum, Joe.
    Congrats on your machine.
    Sounds like you will get a lot of use out of it.
    Lincoln A/C 225
    Everlast P/A 200

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