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    Hello all. I just took delivery of a 325 ext tig. I really like my speedway and weld tec torches on my Miller welder and wish to get more to use on the everlast. Does anyone know where to get adapters that fit the “35-70” connectors that everlast uses? Thank you, Steve.

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    Miller uses them. Your torch companies have them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    Miller uses them. Your torch companies have them.
    No, miller and everlast are not compatible. I am having a difficult time.

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    You have to be more specific about what Miller you are talking about. All the newer ones are the same DINSE connectors as Everlast, but Miller often has the gas through DINSE where the argon runs through a hole in the middle. Your LWS should have an adapter for that. If your Miller is an older model it could have any number of different connectors, as that could be specified when purchased. Need a picture or just take it in to your local shop to figure out what you need.
    Torches usually come with plain threaded ends, and a bunch of adapters are offered to mate with various machines.

    You can find all the bits and bobs at the tech torch homepage.

    Specifically the DINSE stuff is HERE
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    Ok, thanks. I will drag one in to my welding store.

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    And here is the page from Weld Tec.

    Miller standard is DINSE. It has been for a number fo years. If you have some ancient equipment, then, you may have a power block adapter, or your unit may have been special ordered with TWECO which case your unit isn't standard equipped. But yes, DINSE is pretty much the standard these days unless you have something TWECO equipped.

    In fact here is a direct link showing you on the aforementioned site by Rambozo. ( I think he included it as well)

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