I need someone to clear the cobwebs in my brain here. I bought an Everlast PowerPlasma 80S and decided to immediately buy it with an upgraded torch. I was offered a Trafimet A81 and I got it. So I have no experience of different torches on the 80S. BTW - I only cut freehand so no cnc here.
However, everytime I try to find any literature about the Trafimet A81, I only end up with the parts page which is all over the internet but doesn't explain much to who doesn't know- like me.
Now please pardon the ignorance on my part ...but I have to ask the following 4:

1) Does the pilot arc on A81 start using HF or burnback?

2) There are 2 sets of consumables - long and short. I bought both but found no noticeable difference in cutting performance except that with the long set you can see the cut more comfortably But what is the difference between long and short? Just this?

3) I am seeing guys putting on electrically isolated drag tips which taper down to a small area on their torches to be able to contact the metal when cutting. The A81 offers 5 types of ends which can be used with the short consumables but none taper down. Does anyone know of some tapering drag tip which can be screwed onto the A81?

I always leave an arc gap when cutting cos I fear it might short and blow up something inside the 80S...but is drag cutting possible with my set up?
And yes - I take care of my stuff so all the stuff about dry air, pressures, nozzle orifices selection etc are all according to manufacturers instructions.

Thanks guts