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    Hi There

    I am Looking at an alternative plan to keep low hydro... SMAW, (MMA) rods dry. My thought is to use a vacuum controlled chamber to vacate moister out of XX18 type rods. The reason is that in A/C units you pull a vacuum to rid the dampness in the system and was wondering if would also work for us on keeping our rods dry. I do believe it would be cheaper to run than a heated rod oven.

    Love to hear what y'all think and would it even be worth the effort?


    P.S. Love that forums like this exist because there are many ways to figure on stuff just like this.

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    While it should work fine, it probably won't pass code inspection. For most non code welding it's not the big deal some make it out to be.

    I did vacuum pack some extra rods in retort pouches I expect to sit on the shelf for a while. Some new rods are supplied that way so it should be ok. But this isn't for code welding, just some expensive hardfacing rods, that were only available in a large quantity. I have yet to open any of those and see how they held up. Otherwise I try to buy small amounts, so I always have fresh rods. For things like 7018 if they have been stored open, there is a procedure in the datasheet for baking them out, but I've never tried that. Too easy to just buy new ones.
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    Thanks for the input and yes you are right cheaper to buy em when you need em but was a thought.

    Thanks for getting back to me too.


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