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    I ordered a 251Si. Unfortunately there are none in stock currently. I was offered the same price for a 2018 version if I could wait till Dec. 15th for it to ship. Any chance anyone knows what's been updated in the 2018 vs 2017?

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    That you should have asked wen the offer was made to you.
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    All that was told to me was updated internals and better performance. I asked for specifics but I got the same reply in return.

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    Just got my 251 in the mail yesterday!!! Just need to grab a C-25 cylinder and make an adapter cord to get whatever kind 220v connector comes on the machine to plug into my "dryer style" in my shop.

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    I guess the "dryer style" (NEMA 10-50) with the angled hots is an old outdated 220v connection, and has since been replaced with the NEMA 6-50.

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    The 6-50 is the standard for welders in the US and Canada, and has been for 30-40 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    The 6-50 is the standard for welders in the US and Canada, and has been for 30-40 years.
    Goes to show ya how old my setup is. Just been farming with a 1970's Miller 225 buzz box.

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    A lot of old farms used the cheap 30 amp "crow's foot" receptacles. I've even had to make adapters and pigtails out of a old dryer cord attached to a NEMA 6-50 at times where I was trying to weld somewhere other than my shop.

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    I just converted my shop to the 6-50 and rewired my beaker panel to meet the newest standard. Two hots and a ground instead of two hots and a neutral. Had no idea the 10-30/50 was outdated.

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