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Thread: PowerMTS 211Si spot/stitch timer

  1. Question PowerMTS 211Si spot/stitch timer

    I recently bought a 211Si multiprocess welder and find several references to the spot/stitch weld timer. But, I cannot find any information on how to access this function in the (much better) online manual for the machine.

    Can anyone help with this? Is the function not really available?

    Tim (new forum member)

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    I have the same Everlast unit, and after waiting months after purchase to get a comprehensive owners manual it finally was posted under manuals here. I noticed in the manual a reference to spot/stitch timer and, like you, could not find a way to access it. Got a response from Mark, I think, that the manual is in error. There is NO spot stitch timer on the 211si, and it cannot be upgraded to include that feature. Maybe that has changed but I don't think so. Hopefully someone from Everlast will respond here.

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    Thanks for the info. I was afraid that would be the case. i thought, "What a great feature! I'll probly use that.". But, not a deal breaker. I've lived without that feature for a few years. I can probly still do so.


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    Hey, it is on the 221Sti and the new 252Sti

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