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Thread: Why NO use of CO2 gas with TIG 200DV

  1. Default Why NO use of CO2 gas with TIG 200DV

    The manual is saying NOT to use it with this welder. Is this common with TIG welding? I've only MIG welded light weight mild steel with my Lincoln and use a blend of 75/25. Just curious why no CO2 with the TIG?

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    It has been discovered the CO2 boogers up tig welds pretty good. That is the ultra simple explanation. Argon or an Argon helium mix for some aluminum welding gives the desired results. I'm sure that someone here will give you a more scientific explanation.
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    CO2 is never used in TIG with any brand, at any time or point in history, or with any model. CO2 will consume the tungsten about as fast as you cam blink. You do not want to consume your electrode as you do in TIG, so having an oxidizing gas present in the welding arc produced by a piece of oxidizable metal is not good.

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