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Thread: What is arc Force?

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    I was looking at the EX250 as opposed to the LX225 I bought the latter, (I love the machine by the way). I still can't find any explaination of what Arc Force is, The welding tips and tricks guy blew it off saying it had something to do with stick welding. I've looked in all the welding books I have and can find no reference to arc force. It's not really important but it's been nagging at me. Anybody got an explaination?

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    The arc force control is also known as dig. It affects the stick welding qualities, especially when the rod is pushed it close, it automatically compensates for the drop in voltage by boosting the amps. It also can determine how well a weld puddle wets into the side, or in other words, how fluid the puddle is and how soft the arc can be.

    The inductance is related to mig. It can be called pinch effect, inductance, dig, arc force etc. In mig, the arc force responds to wire burn off rate and affects amp rise timing between burnoff.

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    Yeah what Mark said..

    I still havent used the stick function on mine yet.
    Havent needed to..

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