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    I have a pp205s I got back in 2014 or 15. I'm buying a new welder. I have 4 already. Hobart 190-mig,pp205s, northern tool 80si or st, anyway 90 amp 120 volt stick, lastly beloved ac/dc 225 that's burned enough rods to sink the titanic. I have a question about it later.

    Anyway I have a niche I need to fill. More amps at 120 volts. I have a 4000 watt generator with the 30 amp RV plug , 120 volts. So I need the most amps for stick on 120, 110 whichever you call it. Anyway I have a few questions about the welder.

    I'm wondering what's the deal with the forum,some things only have one or two things in last 5 years.

    What am I missing. Or is nobody here.

    Or possibly and probably. I don't know what I'm doing on this computer machine.

    But anyway. Where. Did everyone go?

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    The site had a number of problems and lost a lot of traffic because of it. Seems like most of them got ironed out, but it took so long I bet a lot of people just went elsewhere.

    That is a niche that might be hard to fill. Most of the machines that will run on 120 volt have been set to draw 15-20 amps max, so as to not trip standard breakers. Some of the older models could go pretty high on 120, but people would complain about tripping breakers, so the output on 120 got lower. Not sure if there is any easy way to raise that limit to give you more power on a 30 amp circuit. You might call tech support and see if they can set you up with something.
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    You will need a clean power out put generator to begin with. Make sure of that. Also, unless you move over into something like the PowerTIG 255EXT, you won't have more than about 90 stick amps, on most of the other units. (120V)

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