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Thread: Where are the negative reviews?

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    OK, I hate to sound like the guy who brings a party to a screaming halt but I came here to get an unbiased opinion of the products offered by Everlast. What I find rather unusual are the lack of negative posts. Now I could be wrong but I would think that someone out there has had a bad experience with one of these units. It is typically those that have bad experiences that tend to post. In this forum the opposite seems to occur. I have spoken to many guys who curse the Miller name brand and they vocalize their opinion loudly with facts to back it up. Now if a mainstream, high quality company like Miller can piss off welding professionals then where are the dissenters on this forum. I hope the moderators are not selectively purging threads. Don't mean to offend anyone. Just trying to do my homework before I drop my hard-earned money on that green beast.

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    Its funny you should say something about this as I was in the same boat you were about 6 months ago. Now don't get me wrong if you look hard enough you will find negative comments but it seems very apparent to me that almost ALL of those types of posts, not necessarily on this site, have disappeared since Everlast came out with their new line back around early 09. The other thing you have to remember is that there are still people out there who believe that the only good welders are made in the USA, when infact most of those mainstream companies don't even manufacture in the US anymore. Regardless, I diligently followed this and other sites looking for the type of posts you describe thinking that they could be deleted and what I found was that the posts remained for no other reason than to find the root of the problem the customer had and resolve it.

    Best of luck to you, I know I'm still happy with my purchase, although I've only had my PM256 about a month.


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    I suppose it may depend on what you mean by Negative , If you look through posts on various topics you can find problems being posted by Owners and you can also see what steps have been taken to satisfy the Customer . As for Negative posts on the Company and the performance of the units overall i would hesitate to say you can find any recent posts about this. I do know from the past that there where issues with the previous supplier ( this was before my time ) Although i do know the Supplier involved in this and i know his sense of Integrity or lack of it .
    In some ways this was actually a good thing for Everlast as it drove home the point that to be a successs you need to put the Customer first and foremost.
    Jean and myself here in Canada have always had this philosophy and we pride ourselves on the fact that here locally if there is a question on one of our products on local Forums there are many Members who willingly reinforce this philosohpy of ours.
    Before getting involved with Everlast we did our homework and we spent many hours with Alex discussing where we wanted to see Everlast Welders grow and how we needed to be serving our Customers so as to achieve this goal. Alex was thinking along the same lines and my thoughts are that he recognised in Jean and myself the same commitment to Quality and service
    Fortunately we have some good quality support in Mike and Mark who have a wealth of knowledge and are certainly readily available to answer questions.
    From a small Company point of View we actually offer a lot more than the average.
    Mark has a very good sense of just what makes a good functional Welding Unit and just what functions are needed to get the best performance possible for each unit.
    Mike has Solid electrical engineering background ( Way over my head ) and has a very insightfull understanding of Inverter Technology and in fact welding in all it's forms
    We have the Welders being developed here ( USA )in the Design phase ( this is why you see some other importers slowly trying to catch up to us as they copy not design welding functions) and we have a program for Quality Control in house at the Factory. In addition to this i visit our Suppliers on a regular basis to ensure we are on top of things and make sure everything is up to par.
    As for organising and taking care of Accesories etc Jean plays a large role in doing the day to day stuff with this in fact she does the secondary testing on consumables ( or at least overseas it)
    It is equally important to also understand the mindset of our Suppliers in order to get the best out of them as is possible. But that is a whole other Story . But needless to say i feel with our interaction with Suppliers and our Customer Philosophy in addition to our QC program we have in place that we can only achieve better things in the Future.

    And yes we still have problems and these can be seen by looking through the various posts but we constantly work on them to improve.
    As far as just exactly what do we do to bring the best product we can to you is not really discussed very often. I doubt many people on here realise how in-depth we work towards this goal and perhaps this is something we need to bring forward more often to let our Customers and users know more about Everlast Welders

    It is really very simple when it is all said and done. Anyone can say how great they are . The bottom line is do you back up what you say.
    And in this case i for one say yes 100%

    905 637 1637

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    The tone of your posts does indeed seem adversarial, and not seeking unbiased report. If there are good things to say, people post, if there are bad things to complain about, people post. This is in large part, a techinical forum and place to share experiences with Everlast Product. Its a feedback forum as well about our product so we can see the problems and discuss them fairly openly (even to the point our competitor companies benefit) unless there is something sensitive internally, the posts go unmolested by and large.

    We seldom edit or erase any posts. I myself have only edited or erased a handful of posts, mostly in conjunction with off topic, spam, and misplaced posts. The only control we have is on this board. We have no editing control on other boards, which should be a confirmation of the accuracy our customer's postings here.

    There are complaints from time to time, and we try to handle them. We are still improving and working on that daily. No company is perfect, but I can tell you that from my own personal experience, the major companies have their problems in this regard as well.

    IF you are looking for negativity, I am sure you can find it...We even have the competition doing a good job creating it for us. Most anything negative is older. The new "power" line of products has taken our company a positive direction. The IGBT technology is solid and even our existing mosfet product is much improved and very stable. We do have failures from time to time and we do have an issue crop up now and then, but you can see the nature of them from this forum itself, and other places where our customers post.
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    If you look for something long enough you will find it. I am a professional welder/fitter with 15 years experience fitting and welding.I have extensive production welding experience and I specialized in asbuilds and prototype one offs. I am now a welding supervisor at a shop that builds their own line and everything is built from scratch. I have worked with Millers, Esabs, Lincolns, and even a cranky old Canox dual spool wire feeder system. They all have their ups and downs, but like I told my gas rep at work when he priced out several new and used machines for me, why would I, Knowing that all these machines are for the most part built from the same parts from the same manufacturers, buy the one with the brand name that everyone knows, pay three times what I would pay for the Everlast machine, and then fork out another $2500. for the plasma cutting machine that isnt included with the recognized name brand. I was born during the day but it wasnt yesterday. Yes there are pros and cons to the Everlast machines but they do what the reps and support system say they do, the warranty is above average(miller is improving theirs but that will take time)and they are inexpensive and extremely versatile compared to the big name brands. I mentioned before in my initial review a couple of minor problems with the SU205 layout fittings air lines etc., and i am not sure yet if I like the new stick stinger but I have worked with WAY worse(early esab for example) These machines are a good hobby machine with enough beef to take on the job site. Period

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    Well I have to disagree with me being adversarial but I will give you an example of why I must take this approach. I like to fly high-end model helicopters. The "Made in US" brand heli's have a number of Chinese knockoffs that perform well BUT there are some consistent quality issues. To make matters worse the vendors who sell this stuff put up web based store-fronts that have US based addresses however all of it is a facade. The tech support via e-mail is always answered at very late hours proving they are operating out of China. The e-mails are answered in a sort of broken English. The phone support is almost non existent. To get simple parts sometimes takes weeks. When asked how they operate they avoid answering. I have absolutely nothing against the Chinese. I think they have a beautiful and advanced society but I don't like being deceived. I even did some research and found the same owners had many, many websites selling the same products with different corporate identities. It makes me wonder if Lotos, blah blah, etc are all the same company.

    The thread responses from Evergreen reps listed here are very articulate however when reading their website you get broken and incorrect English which leaves me like......huh???? Where are you guys really operating out of and who is really working the strings on that web presence. And I quote from the Everlast website News/FAQ

    "What welding helmet used for?"

    "June 23rd, 2010

    Welding helmet is very important and necessary while welding metals. You should weld the metals without a helmet. 50 % of workers are injured for not wearing welding helmet. The helmets are worn because while weld a spark and other lights are thrown out. The role of this helmet is to protect your face and of course eyes. It is important to protect your eyes because once your retina is damaged you can become blind.

    Have your helmet and other gears in an approachable distance. These helmets are vulnerable which protects from rays and doesn’t cause any damages on it. The welding helmet consists of lens shade which protects the eyes. The lens is made out of electronic shutter which adjust automatically while welding. They are generally used while working with all the arc metal welding equipment. When you buy the helmet make sure they are light weighted helmet. Heavy helmet can be tiring to wear and these can strains your neck. There are many kinds of helmet but buy a quality helmet which last for longer period."

    I have to work hard for the money I am dropping on your multi-process product. I have seen pictures of the insides of these units. They are pretty intense and stuffed with electronics. Sure you may have a 3 year warranty but what if all these new units begin to fail at year 2. Do you think Everlast will be able to withstand the Toyota effect? I can almost see it now. You close shop and open up under a different name and color scheme while I am holding the green machine that no longer has support. What happens after year 3? Will I have service documentation or schematics to attempt repairs on my own? Besides the switching IGTB's are the semi-conductors used in this device mainstream devices or are they esoteric or obscure devices? Will I be able to order a HF board or an LVPS at a reasonable cost? That would make me feel real comfortable. I am sorry I am not the optimist. I want to believe I am doing the right thing here. I am sitting on the fence with money in hand. I just need the assurance that I am doing a wise thing. So lets be clear here: I am not bashing Everlast and I am not trying to stir up a controversy. I am just the one who decided to seek out the answers to the question that many out there are asking but are too shy or busy to ask.
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    You aren't the first one to ask these questions. I get emails, phone calls and posts all the time. After you have sold as many units as we have, you tend to get several veins of typical customer comments and questions.

    You bring up a valid point about the website:
    The "broken English" is actually subbed out work from another company that upkeeps certain things on our site which is subcontracted to India. This mainly involves "wordpress" blogs much like a blog for other web bots to read that help improve our SEO. Our new and updated site has been up and running less than 6 months and it is quite large and we are going back and are still adding features and functions. Until we can get through the entire site, there are a couple of "broken" phrases still hanging around. The site took about a year to develop and will take equally long to work out all the kinks.

    We are not the same as LOTOS/Chiry or any other company, our product is much higher quality and the features are distinct and they are not made in the same factory and are quite different and not cloned copies of other brands. Our technology holds its own and much of it holds patents. Our factory makes its own boards, and if you'll read Duncan's reply, he has been to most of the major Chinese factories ( not all though since there are probably about 200 smaller welder factories in China).

    All of Everlast is based in the US or Canada. You'll find people with accents in our company just like any other,but not Chinese. British, Southern, Californian, Russian, we are all here. The US division is based in California, San Fran to be exact.

    We have been around 5 years, and the US division offers a 5 year warranty as well. We have survived the Toyota "effect" already with the previously mentioned issues, and still have the same name.
    We do not provide proprietary schematics so other companies can copy. If you need help with easy customer able repairs we do have customer support to help you. Our warranty is a replacement warranty so there is no need for repairs in general unless it is something that an average customer can do.

    You will find however, that our parts are common off the shelf parts and make practical use of technology. We have become a magnet for EE's and other Electronic savvy customers purchasing our products...for some reason...So, we get plenty of unsolicited advice (which we do appreciate btw). But overall, most come away impressed with the construction the use of the components and the overall design and operation of the machine. Also from what they report to me, that they feel like they can fix about anything on our machines and the parts are common everyday parts.

    I can't promise you anything, no one can, not even at Miller or Lincoln. Miller almost disappeared a few years ago before ITW bought them. HObart was absorbed my ITW and was for a long time a cheaper copy of a Miller. Lincoln outsources much of its product line to Mexico, Italy, and China. L-tech became ESAB. Thermal ARC is a distributing company and sells product from Austria, China, and who knows where else. Forney is a shell of a company with a few chinese units and mostly consumables now. Century was bought by Lincoln as well as Marquette. Miller has had huge recent layoffs and so has Lincoln. If you want stability, you'll find that in this industry just as in the tractor industry, there is a lot of "flux" pardon the pun. You'll have to look at our past 5 years and look how we have grown. Do you want a company that has never encountered a problem of any kind? If so, then if there ever is a problem how do you know they will handle it? We have grown tremendously, thanks to forward thinking people, willing to "invest" in us through their purchases. We appreciate that and do our best to honor their faith in us.

    The best thing I can offer to sum up a response is to say this:

    You have the ability to find all the negative and positive things about us just like any one else.
    We are still here, after braving a period of time of issues(which several other companies faced and did not survive).
    We offer our warranty and our satisfaction policy which is available for you to read on our website.
    5 years is not a long time in the grand scheme of things, but it is not a 6 month old company either.
    If you are not an optimist, then there is nothing we can say, do or post to make you so. But maybe you understand our company a little better.
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    I'm on to buying my 4th machine, first was a powerplasma 50 then an Imig 205, and a power arc 200 ( my baby) and now a powerplasma 80 ordered from Duncan in Canada to hook up to my CNC plasma table. Cannot complain about anything, had great service at the right price. If I bought red or blue I would still be saving up to make the first purchase. Shipping damage and minor problems are what most of the guys on the site have. If you are skeptical then buy the Power arc 200 to start with and it will make a believer out of you for not many bucks or checkout welding tips and tricks on the web to see a great tig machine being demo'd. I'm not a tig guy but I'm leaning that way and the 250EX is way less dollars than anything in it's class.

    At my age I'm not shy about being critical about a product, but I have nothing to complain about.

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    I have the PM256 now the PP256, Sure I had the UPS Dropkick and the unit was trashed but Everlast took care of the exchange super fast and every time there was a shipping problem they didn't stand on the side lines they reacted with newer shipping containment. Now you rarely hear about the shipping destruction.
    This PM256 is wonderful, very happy with it and everyone that stops by tries it and can't believe the ease of use and quality of the unit. I have another friend that is buying one, he's heavy equipment mechanic and says that this will free up a lot of space on the service truck and give more of abroad band of different weld choices and the plasma cutter instead of ac/dc stick.
    I have several plasma cutters Miller, Hobart an the Everlast guess what gets used almost always, Yes the Everlast.
    The foot pedal is a trouble spot but with the thread I read , people are showing their mods and the problem has disappeared.
    If you buy a multi purpose machine you'll be happy as H_ll, I am Just can't say anything bad.
    Alex, Mark and Mike and the rest of the staff want you to be pleased and want their product to maintain being the best. Word of mouth sells faster than any ad's placed.
    Just my thought, if you search my name it may help you decide (only a member for 8 months and learned a lot).

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    Default Just a Note from a Lurker

    Well I thought I’d weigh in here, I’ve been selling Everlast products for about 6 months here in Alaska, like Duncan I did some research prior to investing my retirement into my company. I was also a bit apprehensive before buying by first Imig200 back in 09, but was impressed with both the machinery and the company, I think we all share the same values and understand what good customer service is, from being on “the other side” of the issues. I have sold a few units (less than 100) and have had a few issues (very few) but am proud to say have maintained 100% customer satisfaction. There are guys that will not even consider an “Off Brand” unit and will not even bother to look, if it ain’t blue. However I have put several units in shops right next to the blue and red ones and so far have received nothing but praise, seriously.
    Most issues I’ve encountered have been, I think, related to being hand assembled rather than using robotics, US made stuff used to be a lot like that back a few years, it took a bit to “work out the bugs” in almost anything you bought for shop (or farm) use. At least that’s the way I remember it. So far things like hose clamps, loose screws, stuff like that.
    I also have given quite a few suggestions to Mark and Mike (most good I hope) and they are reactive and I have seen improvements put in place a lot faster than any other company I’ve dealt with in the past.
    Yea, I know it seems to good to be true, but so far so good for us.
    And the web site stuff, I have been trying to put together a web site, strongly considered out sourcing it, but opted to do it in house for several reasons, it takes a lot to keep up on it and keep it polished looking, I hope to get there soon.
    My advise, buy with confidence, the problems are few and are usually resolved quickly and result in satisfied customers anyway.

    Everlast Alaska Co.

    Everlast Sales and Support Team.

    877-755-9353 X207

  11. Default My green money just purchased the green machine

    OK I have read your comments. Considering that I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee I took the chance and ordered a Pro 205. For the skeptics who thought I was just trying to stir up controversy....surprise!

    I already know myself well enough to know that I am very critical of performance, fit and finish. So if your device is as good as you claim then we will have a harmonious relationship. However if this thing starts giving me headaches or making me feel as though I own an inferior product then you will be getting the green machine back with the quickness.

    I will patiently be waiting for it to get here within the time frame proposed.

    Oh and as a side point: I still think it would be a very, very responsible thing for Everlast to provide service documentation and schematics for their products. As far as anyone stealing or copying you technology; a competent engineer can easily reverse engineer that machine by simply opening the covers. So unless you plan to start potting the entire machine in black epoxy I think your secret is already out. As for me I am inclined to feel better about a company that supports its customers in every degree. Sony delivers new products to the market all the time and the technical drawings are always available. I work with laser gimbals that cost in excess of $10,000 and I get drawings for their proprietary circuitry. I don't expect the manufacturer to provide the software code or algorithms they developed but it sure is nice to have drawings when troubleshooting a complicated device. Please consider that for the future and longevity of your products past the 5 year mark. Sign me up for drawings the day your fears come to pass.

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    I think that your perception of what really occurs in technological copying is very diluted. Sure it would not take much for an EE to come in and reverse engineer this welder. However you are talking about companies who may not necessarily have an EE on staff or be willing to hire an EE to do so and then have to keep them on staff to ensure that it is built correctly and functions as it should. Not to mention all the troubleshooting that is required once distributed. All this reverse engineering can go into a universal case and have generic knobs and look attractive to buyers as it is just a welder. The same cannot be said of electronics made by Sony/Pioneer/Samsung etc as the user interface and functionality is what normally sells consumer electronics.

    Also, to be perfectly honest, your attitude absolutely sucks. As a business owner if you were to come to me with this "if anything goes wrong" attitude then I would tell you to take your money elsewhere. People with your requirement of perfection have NO business in business. Perfection is unattainable and an illusion, thus the reason that EVERY major company has a tech dept., warranty, and the ability to fix problems once they arise.

    But hey, what do I know? For all I know "Generator Labs" has never had any problems with anything they have ever done, if that is the company you own/work for.

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    Your statement about copying is exactly right. The point is we are not going to give our competition a blueprint to build these welders in other factories in China, which I can promise you has already been attempted, without much success thankfully because of the issues you just cited.

    Don't be too hard on our latest customer, seriously. I have, and others in the company face this daily. I did have issues with one guy who told me he was lawyer and if we had any problems we'd hear from him about it, all in the same breath...That kind of statement makes one suspicious.

  14. Default Are there little kids reading this???? Come on lets grow up..

    Zeroman: I believe you are reading a little too hard and I think you need to hold your mouth right. I never said I expected or demanded perfection. What I did say is I expect for Everlast to deliver what it claims. If Everlast fulfills its claims to offer the best value, performance fit & finish for the price then we will all live in harmony, if not then there will not be harmony. Hell, you never know, I might apply to be the next Everlast dealer for the East coast. Furthermore you seem to be adding attitude to my statements and writings. Sit back and read my postings again but this time read them calmly. You seem to be getting defensive for no reason at all. My attitude sucks? Dude I just dropped some serious money on a machine I cannot see, touch or smell so don't try to put that guilt trip on me. I am the customer now and I will be the customer 5 years from now (and maybe longer if it all works out). Lets not lose perspective.

    As far as the schematics; It was a suggestion not a demand. There you go again adding attitude to my post. Have a beer and go do some welding. In fact why don't you tig all those empty beer cans sitting in your pickup truck into the shape of a big fluffy bunny rabbit. (OK so that last part may have had a little attitude this time). Hopefully I may never need the schematics. I hope I never do. But let me tell you the type of man I am. When I get something new (car; electronics or whatever) the first thing I try to do is examine the inner workings of it thoroughly. I don't do this to expose secrets; I do this to fully understand how things work. I have a basic understanding of electronics and I enjoy messing with electronics for my own enlightenment. I don't like relying on anybody to keep my stuff operational. For every car I own I have the proprietary software to interface, diagnose and repair that car. If the car has a warranty failure I don't worry about it. But what will happen when that car is out of warranty? I don't want to rely on a dealership to make things right when I am quite capable of doing it myself. Most guys who are into welding are usually self sufficient mechanically. So why is it so alarming to want to be just as sufficient with the tools that you use. Like I said before the schematics will not give a competitor the ability to magically clone these machines. A lot of time and money is needed to do that. If someone has those resources the lack of schematics will not stop them. Lets face it, Everlast will produce more advanced machines in the future with even better technology. Is it so insane to release the drawings once the current technology is a little dated. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but hey it would be nice if I could have them before my warranty period is over ( this is why I stated earlier "once your fears come to pass" ) I worked as an engineer for Xerox Corp. for 12 years. Xerox had some really cutting edge technology at the time. I mean some serious stuff. And you know what? Anyone looking to buy the technical documents could. Did Xerox provide the value and location of every component inside some of those massive machines? No but they did provide concise block schematics that helped anyone capable repair the machine on their own. Were the documents meant for the general public? No way..too technical but nevertheless they were still available.

    Dude I am never going to apologize or concede for my stance. This is an open forum. I asked questions and made comments. Nothing was meant to be disparaging towards Everlast. Everything I said was there with a purpose and that purpose was to protect MY investment in this product. You should really look at this another way. What is a new prospective customer going to think about these posts? Do you think your aggression is going to win over a new customer when I am making simple and innocent requests? Come on man!!

    Now you can either welcome me into this forum with open arms and an open mind or just say nothing at all. That may be the best way to salvage what civility is left in this thread. I was really excited when I ordered that new gear but you guys are killing my high.
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    You're absolutely right you're not negative, which is why I was the only person to notice your negativity, oh wait, never mind.

    I also didn't realize I was throwing a guilt trip out to anyone. Guilt is a voluntary emotion that is felt when YOU realize something. Someone cannot force you to feel guilt.

    It's ok to admit you had a pessimistic attitude in your apprehension because the two almost go hand in hand.

    Now its one thing to be skeptical, its another all together to state that Everlast will hear from you if you're not satisfied and you won't have a good relationship with them. I mean, is that really necessary? Throwing out ultimatums will normally get you nowhere. You might want to try a little self reflection. A confident consumer would purchase an item and not need to tear anything apart until it was broken. He may take a look out of curiosity but should have the confidence to repair it if he tore it open when broken. A skeptic would tear it open and take a negative attitude towards what might break and look at the worst part of construction/componentry. Open your eyes, the world is a beautiful place. Most companies aren't out to get you and maliciously cause you grief.

    BTW, way to keep it civil with the feeble attempt at name mockery. I hope you have a better attitude the next time you post needing help from the people who visit these forums. If anything this thread will easily let future customers see a slew of testimonials in one thread and show that even people with skepticism and initial negative attitudes come around to see what great machines Everlast actually sells. You got the answers you were looking for this time but I assure you there is a bad taste in the mouth of most people who have read your comments whether you realize it or not. Lastly, welcome to the forum fellow welder. (Arms wide open)

    Comence with the civility, nothing to see here.

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    One thing that will warm up the editing eraser is disrespect here. There is plenty of room for disagreement without hostility and disrespect among board members.

    This country was founded by people who disagreed but maintained mutual respect for each other. It is now being torn apart by people whose parents forgot to teach them about respect for others and only caring about themselves and their egos. We won't let this forum be a point of derision, hate, disrespect, or name calling to others.

    I believe that apologies are warranted, whether or not they are issued I will let the participating members decide for now. But I am strongly suggesting it. Everyone has to play nice in our sand box, for all concerned. Apology is a art form. Apology does not require a retraction of beliefs, only of rash or insensitive statements. Don't get me wrong, mercurial personalities are welcome, but we have children and a whole host of others from different countries and backgrounds on this board and that should always be kept in mind. This board is for helping others, chatting with others, and working through questions and issues, with welders from Everlast and other brands, and even sharing opinions, personal activities of leisure and lifestyle. If it gets derailed from those central themes, then it will collapse and lose the purpose for why it exists. Even Mike and I don't always agree on everything, but we keep it respectful and friendly, even if there is a bit of good natured ribbing between us. All members of the Everlast family, employees and customers should be able to find a common green thread around which they can harmonize their opinions, and that is the purpose here.
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    With regard to my purchase and use of an Everlast multi-function PU 205 I just can't come up with any negatives to satisfy the title question, "Where are all the negatives".
    I could mention the small problem I had with a too short spring in the original gas solenoid, but that comes out as a positive for the company.
    Alex told me how to fix it (took about 15 minutes to fix) and then sent me a new gas valve with correct spring just to be sure the problem was dealt with.

    For the money the machine is downright amazing. The ability to start and maintain an arc at low amps is something I do not have with my trusty Miller and P+H machines, good old rigs that they are. This Everlast will weld circles around them when doing that type of welding, which I seem to encounter quite often now. I noticed Jody Collier said the same thing about his 250Ex and he is someone who was a staunch Miller man until recently.

    The tig is great, especially now that I have fitted a small WP9 torch to the unit. It is as easy to make a nice tig weld with as the Lincoln 185 I have been using. I can't really say one machine is better than the other in tig function. I can tell you that my experience with Everlast sales department is 100 times better than dealing with the local Lincoln dealer (Linde) Last time I went there the counter sales person was so rude that someone should have filmed the ordeal as a sales training video, like the "how not to" ones that John Cleese made way back when.

    I put up photos of plasma cuts I've made with the machine using a few different methods. You can see the latest result in the thread "smooth Plasma cuts" in the Multi-function section.
    My friend Murray with the Hypertherm 30 is a bit gobstruck by an $800 tig/ stick welder that can switched over to Plasma and make cuts that are smoother than any he has made yet, plus cut through 3/4" where he is all done at 3/8".

    Now it just needs to last, but at least it has a long guarantee and a company behind the guarantee that understands how important it is to fix any problems that arise.
    I really haven't encountered this kind of philosphy for some time now. Often times the attitude is "if a machine we sold is not working it must be your fault, period"

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    I believe Jody is still a staunch Miller man, but he has room in his heart for others as well.

  19. Default Thanks for the useful input

    "Thank You" to the folks who took the time to post useful input. Like I said earlier I was just sitting on the fence and I needed some coaxing to make the purchase. Without the feedback I would still be sitting on that fence. I look forward to actually working with the equipment. I will post my findings once the unit is here.

    In the meantime I will probably fabricate a jig for my CNC machine. It would be nice if I had some dimensional drawings for the torch. Has anyone done any precision measurements of the torch?
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    "Thank You" to the folks who took the time out for their useful input. Like I said earlier I was just sitting on the fence and I needed some coaxing to make the purchase. Without the feedback I would still be sitting on that fence. I look forward to actually working with the equipment. I will post my findings once the unit is here.

    In the meantime I will probably fabricate a jig for my CNC machine. It would be nice if I had some dimensional drawings for the torch. Has anyone done any precision measurements of the torch?
    I made my own holder for the S45 the hole is slightly less tha 1 inch, don't drill a 1 inch hole as it will be too sloppy for a snug fit , I don't have the dimensions as I'm away from home. What CNC machine are you fitting yours to, mine is the torchmate 2 X 2

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