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Thread: 250EX main power switch is dead

  1. Default 250EX main power switch is dead

    I've been experiencing some issues from the main on/off switch at the back of my 250 EX (circuit breaker), it has been making inconsistent contact for over a year.
    It does not always make proper contact if I turn the switch on 100%, I have to stop the switch about 95% of the way to the top, then the unit fires up. Recently it made a louder pop from the switch, and then I had to fiddle with the switch quite a bit before it would turn the unit on, and today it made another pop sound as I turned it on, and didn't start again after that. I checked and all the wires going into the switch are tight. It seems to be wear inside the breaker.

    I'm pretty sure I can swap it out myself, it looks as though I need to solder four wires in addition to the main power leads that need to be unscrewed. Would hate to have to ship out the whole unit for repair...

    Otherwise the unit has been great.

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    In the past the repair center has shipped parts to owners who are capable of installing them. Call them and ask.
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    Same problem. Changed mine,took numbers from switch,Googled and ordered. Simple install.

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    If you have it under warranty, the unit switch is covered. Call and get one, or send it in to be fixed.

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    I had a similar problem with my 201 i right after I got it. It would fail in the on mode. They sent me a new one which I installed and it worked for about a day - then, the same problem. I decided to just live with it and use the garage circuit breaker. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the welder.

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    Thanks everybody,
    Everlast Canada did not have any in stock, I ordered some off ebay, we'll see if that solves things.

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    I received a bunch of new breakers, they are slightly higher amperage (60), I soldered the 4 smaller wires in and hooked up the remaining large cables, and back in business.
    Thanks guys. 250EX, purchased in like 2010, and this is the first issue with the actual machine. Impressive.

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