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    My name is Terry Wainwright. I am from south Louisiana. I am a surveyor and draftsman.
    I've done a good bit of stick welding years ago. I recently had to make a decision; Either pay $4000 for a new lawnmower or $400 for a new welder and repair the deck on my old one. Being the "frugal" person I am, I decided to buy the imig 140. Never having used a wire welder before, I was a little apprehensive. When I received this thing, I put in a small spool of .030 flux core wire and began to weld. I am hooked. After I finished the lawn mower deck, I made a middle buster for my tiller. I used an old 55 gallon drum and carefully welded materials together that I should not have been able too. I will most certainly buy some gas for this thing and try to make some "pretty" welds.
    I have learned a lot from this forum before buying my machine. I look forward to learning a lot more and hopefully sharing some of my experiences.
    I don't think you guys know how much knowledge you contribute to people you may never hear from. Glad to finally be a member of your group.

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    Welcome to the forum. Post a few pics when you get time.
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    Welcome aboard Terry. There is a lot of good info on the forum, or any questions, just post up.
    Mike R.
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    FYI: PP50, PP80, IMIG-200, IMIG-250P, 210EXT and 255EXT.

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    Haven't quite figured out how to do this from my phone yet.

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