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Thread: Tig pedal with the knob on the back 47K and 2.2K inside. Help please.

  1. Default Tig pedal with the knob on the back 47K and 2.2K inside. Help please.

    We must have an early model 200Dx. The pedal has the knob on the back and is 47K, the inside pot is 2.2K. The pin out diagram is listing this pedal as the Super200PI pedal.

    Is it possible to remove both pots and put in just a 50K pot for the pedal shaft only? I do not need the external max knob myself (but the machine may need it?).

    If this was possible to do, it would be great. If so how would I wire this in?


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    I've wondered about that too, i.e., if a machine (not an Everlast though) that takes a pedal with the knob that overides the panel can take a pedal or amptrol device without the knob, and if not, how to modify to make it so.
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    That's a 22k pot. I don't know why they write it like that but...You may be able to buy an original pedal from River weld. A 50 may work, but it has not been tested on the older units like that.

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    You can use a single pot wired in as a voltage divider. Make sure you select a linear taper rather than an audio or log taper. Be sure to measure and verify that, as pot markings are unreliable as they change from country to country. A value in the 20 to 50 kilo ohm range should do the job, you will get a slightly different response range so you might try a few and see what you like best. Be aware that depending on the age of your machine, you might always have full output at max pedal, and the panel control will have no function. (That was the reason for the second pot on the pedal) With lower output machines and an accurate foot, that isn't much of a problem.
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