I'm in the market for a 300+ amp inverter TIG. I've been on a small syncrowave for 14 years and it's just not powerful enough for some of my projects. I also need the advanced waveforms and pulser to improve some of my products. I have been researching for a while, and found reference to the 350EXT here and other places. The limited information I found on the 350LX seems likely to meet my needs with respect to duty cycle and peak amps, but it seems it's not fully released yet so I don't know the full story on the machine. Do anyone have any more info on this?

Do you know when I can purchase, and what the price will be? Do you know what accessories come with it? I see Everlast has been working on some nice looking super-flex torch products, but not sure they have the ampacity to work with a 300+ amp machine.