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    Just got a couple of these to protect a few things around the shop.

    Quite a bit less $ than the typical LWS and much tougher than the denim or nylon type. Some kind of take off from new equipment so only a few sizes. Check the other listings for the different sizes. Looked new to me, and will do the job. I learned my lesson a long time ago with TIG cables and always try to keep them covered. I used to have an argon hose that had taped over pinholes almost every foot or so. That gets old real fast. The fiberglass covering I have been using lately, just doesn't hold up to being dragged over concrete. While the leather isn't as flexible, I know it will last. The 24' is about half what CK gets for theirs, and seems just as tough. Comes in any color you want, as long as it's black.
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    Pretty good deal. It would go great here
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