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Thread: 255ext still digging it!

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    Default 255ext still digging it!

    Just posting update experience not quite a year on now. Love this 255 machine, stock 9 torch eh!, but I did abuse it a tad so..... IT and switch went wonky at 4 months but just swapped torch end for miller and all is fine, but again grain of salt on stock torch, cause I use it and the machine a lot! And really i leaned on thumb switch till I mastered stick and now with stick I just don't need it. The machine itself flawless in every way, I rally love this thing. Was doing thin body sheet metal this week and even with all the top end it has low end is awesome as well, and again stitch function awesome! New fan setup not a prob, hear it but not excessive in any way, and whatever its doing its doing well cause no duty issue ever! Ive literally welded everything with it and its been perfect in every function. Oh wait! nickel stick, only thing I haven't done with it. Wish ground was longer, only thing I can think of in con column, and this picking hairs, the clamp is great but just wish for longer lead. Still dragging it round no cart yet, half cause I'm busy using the snot out of it, half cause I'm waiting to get mig for all in one cart.


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    Barry, good to here your positive post as we all know the neg. will always come out not so much the positive.
    Lincoln A/C 225
    Everlast P/A 200

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    yeah everyones always ready to jump on negative. and in general so many opinions out there, some with or without actual hands on, ya need to add the numbers of comments +- to get and idea of something so I'm just throwing one in the win column! haha

    Just finished up blasting away with it again tonight, easy 16th wall stuff, flawless as usual, even messed with some dc pulse settings just to get more familiar with them. Still like to pulse with
    my foot, but well see I may get lazy one day.


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    Yeah, I think the Everlast EXT line of TIG welders are the best-value in advanced-featured TIG units.

    I especially like the quietness of the fans on my 210, the Triangle waveform for thinner aluminum, and the memory function.

    Also, I think the EXT schematic digital interface is better somehow than the series of settings columns that the Miller Dynasty TIG units use for their layout.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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