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Thread: Using generator with TIG welder

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    I have a Generac 7500e generator it runs at 7500 watts and 9375 starting watts. It has a 30 amp plug that is rated at 120/240 volts. I have a powerpro 205 multi process Everlast welder. I have a feeling this generator is too small for that machine but what machine will be capable of running of it? what I ultimately like to have is a TIG welder that I can run off this generator so I can do mobile jobs.

    1. Is this generator too small for my current welder ?
    2. What TIG welder could I run off this generator from Everlast?

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    Should be enough power, just not sure how clean it is. It can be hard to get the THD specs from generator manufacturers, and inverter welders need cleaner power than the old transformer type.
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