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    Just letting everyone know the 250 EX is going strong welds so good most the time don't even use the foot peddle . After you get use to it its your best friend when welding . It get used almost every day at my machine shop . Used the dc stick welder it kicks butt on welding cast iron with the cast iron arc welding rod

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    Honestly, I have never used the cast rods with the EX, but it is good to know, and I can add that one to my mental notebook.

    Have you used it for 6010 5P or 5P plus? What's your opinion? I have had good success, as others, but occasionally I have had someone comment that they didn't think it was as good. I often wonder about their polarity or what they are doing. We have sold quite a few that were used in pipe manufacturing where the root is either tig or 6010.

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