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Thread: 325EXT Triangular Wave???

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    I'm not sure if anyone ever gave you an answer on your question/issue but I might be able to shed some light what I THINK is going on as I'm a recovering electronics engineer albeit a bit rusty. This is just a hunch.....

    There are many ways to characterize and quantify AC waveforms (peak to peak, max amplitude, RMS root mean square, etc.). Generally speaking, RMS takes wave shape into account and gives an indication of the amount of "power" in a waveform. Something you are already familiar with are your AC power mains, 110 or 120 volts in the US (or 220V). That figure is 120/220 volts AC (alternating current) RMS. If you would look at the waveform on an oscilloscope you would see it is actually a peak to peak sine wave approximately +/-170 volts. The conversion from pk-to-pk to RMS is multiply by 0.707

    Looking at the welder, the 325 amp capability is probably describing the peak to peak voltage. If that's the case, a 325A sine wave has an RMS of 325 times 0.707 or 230 which is pretty darn close to your observed 220.

    Similarly the conversion of a square wave from pk-to-pk to RMS is one. That is, the numbers are the same which is again close to what you have.
    I'm guessing that a triangle waveform's conversion is 1/2 or in this case approximately 162A
    Soft-square is not a mathematically meaningful waveform so God only knows what the conversion would be.

    My guess is that the welder's electronics is measuring RMS.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Steve it is nice that some people will look into why it has the reading of 220 the Everlast gang never got back to me, Canada or USA and it is now 6 months since I asked the question of all the welding company's Lincoln was the best to deal with they always got back to me with and answer still like the 325EXT.

    Thanks again Steve.
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    Go back to post 2. It sums up what was said in post 21. We did get back to you. No need to further update, and it was accurate, but no need to get into detail. Not sure why you ignored the reply or discounted it until you heard from an ee.

    Actually the unit is spot on and tuned to read square wave form rms but when you go to the other wave forms, you loose power/heat due to the fact that the wave form does not stay as long at the peak. Most of the heat/or power is generated at the wave form's peaks, not in the valley or zero point. A sloping wave form has less time on at the peak. One reason most people will tell you that the advanced square wave "wets in" better and faster than the old sine wave form and feels like it is "hotter" in comparison at the same amperage. I hear it all the time

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    Do other brands perform the same way? I'm just trying to understand this. How is the miller able to do the job in triangle wave form? If the other brand is a 350 amp machine it would only output 189.5 amps in triangle wave , correct?
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    Not sure, but Miller has been known to rig a few numbers, like on their low amp starts. The displays don't reflect the surge.

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    The machine would have to put out the power to make the weld if it's getting the job done.
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