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Thread: New 140ST owner has question about electrode initial sticking

  1. Default New 140ST owner has question about electrode initial sticking

    Hello, new to the forum and a new owner of 140ST machine. I am just wanting to stick weld. I have some limited stick experience. My question is, after playing around with the machine, the electrode is sticking on a cold piece of steel using a new electrode. After several tries, the arc starts and the machine welds great. Very smooth. Arc can be restarted fine after the initial sticking. I am using 6013 3/32 electrodes running about 60A on both 220 and 110v. Just wondering what you think might be causing the initial sticking? I am amazed at how small this machine is. My only experience is from the older style transformer-type machines. Thanks for any advice!

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    That's why they call it "stick" welding.

    It just takes practice to strike a clean arc. Even more practice to strike it exactly where you want to. 6013 isn't too bad for clean starts. Use a motion like striking a match, where you are moving the stick before it touches the metal, then pull away just a bit as the arc starts. Different rods start differently and especially restarts. You might want to bump up your amperage a little depending on the material you are welding. Also make sure the 140ST is set in the stick mode, so the auto hot start feature will work.
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    Thanks, Rambozo. I started with the match method and it starts much better. I also checked the TIG/Stick switch and I did have it on "Stick". In the past I have started rods by the "Tap" method. I am still using that once the rod is no longer new. It lets me start the arc exactly where I want. I also have a new auto-darkening helmet. It is great. I wish I had had it when I learned to weld many years ago.

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