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Thread: Trying to decide on welder

  1. Default Trying to decide on welder

    So, I am trying to decide between the Powertig 185 and the Power i-Tig 200t.

    I am new to Tig, but capable on Mig and O/A - so I am not worried about picking up the skill. I just can't decide if I will ever need to do much in the way with AL or others that require AC. I am mostly going to be doing sheet metal autobody - will the 200t be that much better? I like the looks of it, but if run into some aluminum will i be regretting my decision? The 200DV is a little to expensive right now.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Go with the higher power machine. Once you start you'll run across more aluminum jobs.
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    Go with the 200T. When you get far enough along with the welding, to need aluminum, you should have enough cash flow coming in for the 200DV. The 200T will be the best for your type use until you need the 200DV.

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