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Thread: 2015 Power Pro 164, Plasma issues.

  1. Default 2015 Power Pro 164, Plasma issues.

    Hello. Hoping Lug weld may chime in.
    Was using my 164 two days ago. Utilizing the stick and plasma operations.

    Both worked fine for the begining. Was cutting, then welding, and switched back to cut mode. And the torch wouldn't light.
    It wouldn't respond at all. Until I released the trigger and it air purged... so I believe the lead was fine.
    I ended up shutting it off for 15 seconds. Then turned it back on and it worked fine like before...?

    Air pressure was steady 72psi at the back of machine. Was on 30amp 220.
    Cutting amps 23.
    Worked great after I "reset" it..
    Was just wondering if this is a known issue..?
    Any updated boards that might be out?
    I used to build computers so if there is any parts needing replaced and if it's plug and play type boards I could do it myself.


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    Also wish there was something one could add to make it run 6010
    I know it's kind of just the nature of the beast with alot of inverter welders having a lower output voltage.. I remember seeing seeing a few bigger Everlast welders with a actual 6010 switch.

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    We don't advertise it to run 6010. We do have models that do though, but not the PowerPro's.

    How old is your unit?

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    It's a 2015 model. I know it won't run 6010. I was just
    It will actually run it...just have to keep arc close...

    My main concern is when the plasma just quit working. And began working after I turned it off, then back on..
    I was in the middle of using it, I finished a cut, set it down, and attempted a relight about 20 seconds later and that's when it failed to start.

    Air would purge cycle but no juice. Off for 15 seconds and back on and it worked again. I do not believe I ran over the duty cycle either. As I was only running 23 amps on the cut. I believe it's 60% @ 40amps.
    And 100% at 25 or 30.

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    It's only got maybe 20 hours of use... my instincts of turning off anything computerized when they mess up apparently worked. I had stable air psi at the rear at 72psi the whole time, compressor was full. Have air dryers and filters.. maybe a safety module had a hiccup?

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