I have the hardest time with the lay wire technique. The 1/8" er70s-6 wire 'beads' up and I have huge gaps. Once in a while I will get a decent root, but a lot of times even then, there will be a gap at the top. I have a 210ext (but I do the same at school, where they have traditional transformer machines). I'm using 80 amps, and I seem to get better results than 90 or 95 amps. I'm using a 3/32 gap and no land and I can't tell any difference when I use a 1/8 inch gap. I'm welding 5" pipe, both sch 40 and sch 80.
What I think I'm doing wrong, is I'm not bending the wire exactly at the point it is melting and bending easiest. I think it's beading up because the wire isn't touching the metal, which is a heat sink.
I'm getting so frustrated, I have been doing the keyhole method, gap it at 3/32 and making a keyhole, filling it up, making a keyhole, dabbing and filling it up, etc. I seem to be getting good root beads this way, pretty decent IMO.

Thanks for any advice!