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Thread: MTS 211si grounding problem

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    To set the stage for my question, I have a new (to me) welding table. For ground connection I cleaned a spot on one of the legs with a grinder and welded a 1-1/2" piece of pipe that I cleaned thoroughly. When MIG welding with the piece to be welded laying on the table, I get a small "tack" weld on the table top. I have tried laying the piece on a length of channel iron and connecting the ground cable to the channel iron. I have connected the ground cable directly to the piece. In every case I can think of I am getting the small "tack" weld. I have checked the nut on the ground clamp itself. I have made sure that the ground clamp is in the "-" connection port. I have checked that the connector block on the inside of the machine is "+". What else can I check? Bad ground cable that should be replaced? Thanks for your help.

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    The "small tack" comes from a poor connection to your work. It has nothing to do with the machine or cable. You could try sanding the whole surface of your welding table to get a better connection to your work. Mill scale, paint or rust on the table or part to be welded could cause your problem.
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    You should always ground direct to your item you are welding. You are indirect grounding and loosing a lot of connection and increasing resistance.

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