My new 255ext arrived last week. Oleg was great to deal with, the welder arrived on the date scheduled and it is an excellent machine. I also ordered the water cooler and cart. I was very surprised with the cart. I was expecting the cart to be made of much lighter ga. steel. It was a pleasant surprise to find the cart to be fairly heavy and should last many years. At some point I will stitch it up with my mig - after that it will outlast me! The only disappointment I had was the additional hand amp torch we ordered isn't properly functional. Alex said I'm not the only one and he will have a fix Friday, Tuesday at the latest. Unfortunately 90% of my work requires a hand amp control as 4t just wont work for our application and a pedal is out of the question because many times I'm welding upside-down suspended from a harness through the top of a tunnel batch washing machine. The reason the 4t wont work is because we do repairs on these machines. They are made of 24 ga. stainless, but a lot of the material is eroded from the acids ran through the washers, you can be welding a patch into 24 ga and hit a spot an inch long or just the size of a dime as thin as paper then back to regular thickness. You are constantly adjusting your amperage and dramatically. It is a real challenge especially hanging off a fork lift through the top of a washing machine! I am very satisfied with the machine, I am hoping however he has a solution by Tuesday! I am also hoping we don't have any breakdowns (washers) before Tuesday. Each machine washes 3000 pounds of linens per hour. Im going to have a lot of dirty laundry if we don't get this hand amp control resolved! Lol