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Thread: SheetMetal Stick Vs Fluxcore

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    So, I have been welding on some sheet metal lately its all 14ga steel and have been supplied a Lincoln 140hd with .035 Fluxcore wire and its just not an attractive weld at all. It burns through super easy no matter the settings and am considering the use of 1/16" 6013 electrodes instead of wirefeed. It's either that or get a smaller fluxcore wire as its a very windy area. Thoughts? I suppose running the welder off 100ft of 120v extension cord isn't helping any either but no choice for that.

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    In the past I did a lot of sheet metal with 6013. I think it works fine, but you might also try 7014. I think you will like the results a lot better than fluxcore, except for the speed.
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