I am relatively new to welding and am looking to buy my first mig, I had a few questions about the I-Mig 140 that the customer service department was unable to give me a clear answer on when I called, so I am turning to you guys.

My first question is about the type of outlet I will be plugging this machine into. I understand this is a 110/120v machine and the type of plug on it is one that will plug into a regular household outlet (two parallel prongs) which I was under the impression that that is a 110v style outlet, 120v being the type with one sideways prong? So I was wondering if plugging this machine into a regular household outlet will limit the amount of amperage the machine can put out because it auto detects what type of outlet it is plugged into correct?. Someone also told me that in order to safely run this machine at the full 140 amp output I should have a 30 amp breaker connected to that outlet at the breaker box?

Basically I just want to know how I can safely run this machine while it is putting out high amperage because if I am unable to run it to its full potential off the regular outlet then I have a 7500 watt generator with true 120v outlets on it that I can use.

Second question is a bit less complicated, was just wondering if I can get a drive roll for this machine that can handle .035" mig wire?

Thanks guys!