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    Thirty years ago, I started a small security business specializing in the manufacture and installation of custom security window bars. At the time, I used a heavy duty Lincoln SP 250 and a Century 50 amp plasma cutter accompanied by a HUGE 5 hp compressor. Eventually the business morphed into a full blown security company now run by my son. I just recently sold all of the older equipment to make some much needed room in my shop, and since I love metalwork of all kinds, I found myself virtually crippled without welding facilities and a plasma cutter. So after a month of research, I decided on the multi purpose Powerpro 164, which I just unpacked, and haven't had a chance to use yet. So far, the HUGE space savings with this new inverter technology is a welcome addition to a small but well organized home metal shop. I am also very surprised and pleased to see how much smaller a compressor I can use with this machine

    I am now in a learning curve to weld aluminum with the TIG portion of this device, and I look forward to a much finer level of work from that which I was used to in the past. I'm also hoping this new, much less expensive inverter technology turns out to be as reliable as my older machines.

    I am a firm believer that you generally get what you pay for, so here's hoping I made the right decision in saving thousands of dollars up front....

    Bob Campbell

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    Welcome to the forum Bob. On the learning TIG it is a lot of practice, some people pick it up pretty fast. If you've done O/A gas welding it will come quick. Some people are just lucky

    I would head over to for a start if you have not already. There are a lot of TIG guys here too if you post up. I think we still have problems posting pictures, but just ask any questions and someone will jump it.
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    Thank you for the response. I have watched a load of TIG "how to" videos by MR. Tig as well as on "". Today with Google, it's a far cry from yesteryear when I had to take a welding course at the Ottawa Technical Institute (maybe 40 years ago) to learn the basics. Learning to Tig weld is new to me but is going to be a "labour or love" since I love welding now just as a hobby. So I am not concerned about how long it takes; just how well I eventually learn how to do it.

    PS: Thank Anita of your staff for the tickets to the Toronto forum, that were included in the box with the equipment. A very nice touch...

    Best wishes

    Bob Campbell
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    Welcome to the forum Bob as another Canadian to this forum I am just north of Toronto and I deal with Duncan at Everlast Canada don't get a lot of time this days to check on the forum but do use my welders a lot good LUCK.
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