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Thread: New Foot Pedal Operation

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    Default New Foot Pedal Operation

    Everlast is making changes and improvements constantly as you all know. As with all improvements, it takes time and usually someone isn't happy (which I am usually the one that isn't happy....thankyou Walmart for stripping your store shelves the name of progress!!) But I think this will make MOST people happy, including me.

    We will begin slowly phasing in new units that feature panel presetting of the amps for foot pedal operation.

    What this means is when you wish to use your foot pedal, the maximum amps are set at with the main amperage knob on the welder. The foot pedal will control the amps up to that point and it will max out. In general, this is a higher end feature we reserved for the LX and DX series. We kept the DX and other units with a rheostat knob adjustment on the foot pedal. To be sure, it has a few advantages in this design, but we feel that the advantages of the max amp control at the panel are greater. It will help us to simplify instructions, reduce operator confusion, and simplify it for us a great deal as well.

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    Will the new pedal be on the PP256?

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    This type has always been on the 256.

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