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    Solid little machine! Been wanting to use the tig part of it. I have not found any videos of anyone tigging with the PA 200st. Anyone tried tigging with the PA 200 st?

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    Go to our youtube channel. There will be a short, and non narrated video of the PowerArc 140ST starting an arc repeatedly. This was done for a deaf customer who wanted to know how to use the lift arc. Same technique.
    And we have another with the PA 300 welding. Though the 200ST is specifically setup for lift arc, much of the information applies.

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    I have not tried it yet but looking forward to it. All I need is an Argon Tank and flow meter. I just posted a thread on it running 6010 electrodes however. Have you tried 6010 on it?

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    With the 200? Yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    With the 200? Yes.
    So how was it? Mine won't hold an arc unless I'm pretty much dragging the rod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awelder View Post
    So how was it? Mine won't hold an arc unless I'm pretty much dragging the rod.
    What size rod and what amperage does the amp display show while welding?... not what you set it for but the actual amps displayed while running a bead.
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    It was a 1/8 6010 5p+. I'll have to see what the display reads next time.

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