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    I just received my super ultra 205 machine last night and I was going through the processes that I am capable of doing right now and I was having trouble with the plasma cutter. I had everything wired up properly bc the stick process worked with no problems. When I tried the plasma it seemed like everytime I tried to cut it was wanting to ground out and not creating a cutting arc. I did have an issue with inserting the plasma fitting into the machine bc it didn't want to turn and tighten down so I'm not sure if that could be it or if the machine itself needs to be grounded to a rod into the ground. I checked everything else I could think of at 7:30 last night and decided to give up for the time being I got cold. Lol. Any ideas on what could be causing this problem and any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Make sure your plasma torch is in the negative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    Make sure your plasma torch is in the negative.

    Doesn't he machine itself need to be grounded? I've never had a plasma cutter that had to be grounded other then the clamp and the 3 prong plug.

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    Dear Everlast forum , I?m the owner of 2 everlast machines that I bought long time ago , I have a powerpro 205 that haze work flawless , on the other hand there is an issue with the power ultra 205 that happen long time ago.
    During plasma cutting the machine quits and lid on the temp /overcurrent light , I let it cool down , cycle the machine and continue cutting , then it happened again , this time after cooling down it fails in the instant that it form an arc , and lid on the warning light . It doesn?t Mather if it is on stick , Mig or cutting , I start the machine totally cold , and the second it start the arc it quits and lid the warning light . In stick mode, I have measure the output with a voltmeter and it seems to be fine with over 70 volts but after forming an arc, voltage goes to cero.
    Amperage meter woks in all three modes, HF start works (until arc), fan works, and it is connected to 220v
    I am an engineer, I have some basic knowledge on electronics and since guarantee is over by far I decided to open the machine, to see if some transistor have burn up, they look ok to me
    The upper transistors are Toshiba ttk2837, and the lower are 20fl2cz. Machine serial number is 255901413
    I have a video off the issue if you need more detail but I think it is simple to understand.
    Machines are in Peru Lima, south America, so sending the machine back is a little hard specially these days.
    Need help from everlast, hopefully is there a part or board that I can buy and replace myself, please if there is some testing with a multimeter that I can do to diagnose more further please let me know.
    Machine haze been opened for a visual inspection only.
    Carlos Bachmann

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