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Thread: Looking to purchase 200dx

  1. Default Looking to purchase 200dx

    Hello. Looking to get my first tig setup and the 200dx looks promising. All the posts I read about are mostly a few years old. How are the current machines? It seems the website is out of date on some things. Anything new?

    I'm also looking upgrade the torch and maybe a pedal. I'm looking to get a ck 9 flex, which will need an adapter it looks like. Can someone give me the part #s I'll need? Also, is there a ssc pedal available for this machine?

    Am I better off buying straight from everlast, or go through amazon. I have good luck with Amazon when issues occur, and seems would be nice to have a little extra insurance through them.

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    Call Everlast and see what they will do for a complete package deal for you. There have been some posts about machine updates. Not sure when the last refresh for the 200dx was.
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    The 200DX is a thing of the past, as we are actually selling the 200DX-DV only now. Last update is this year will be digital control. No new features though. You can call me if you'd like and I can give you a competitive price and get you a CK flex 9 that will work with the welder, along with a SSC pedal that will work.

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    What is the digital control? Is that getting rid of the knobs like the 210ext? Any real updates being planned for 2016?

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    We've discussed this on other models, but not on the 200DX I guess. Digital control means that the control board is no longer analog with wires running everywhere (unit still has some wires though, but much neater and compact). Rather it has a single microcontroller managing machine functions. This is a significant "real" change. The 200DX (DV) had remained unchanged since it was introduced about 2 1/2 years ago, and had been fairly stable, but the final "revision" of the series is to go with a digital control which inherently simplifies the unit internally and makes repair, diagnosis and even service life better. Instead of rocker switches, it now has touch buttons. The new units including the Power i TIG 201, PowerTIG 250EX, 185DV, PowerPro 205Si, 256Si, and 164Si, Power i-MIG 200, Power i-MIG 205, Power i-MIG 275S, Power i-MIG 275P, PowerMTS 211Si, PowerMTS 251Si all now feature digital control...and possibly (can't remember for sure...but seems right) the PowerArc 160STH.

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    Is this newest version notably better on reliability, and maintenance. What are the chances of being able to repair myself through technical support and receiving warranty parts vs the older versions.

    I've read quite a few return stories on line, long waits, and bad communication when it comes to that part of the warranty. And shipping there and back does add up which is a concern of mine.

    Thank you

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    I thought I answered that above as far as reliability and maintenance??? Chances of you being able to repair it yourself is highly dependent upon you, your skills and your tools. Yes, overall it is easier to repair. But I can't determine for you the chances of you being able to repair it.

    A lot of bad communication so-to-speak is on the owner end as much as it is on ours. Sending a single email on a weekend and expecting an answer within the hour (which has happened many times) or by 9 am Monday morning on a problem and expecting a same day fix is where a lot of this stems from. Not all of it, but a significant amount of this type of "lack of communication". We have a 30 day after purchase satisfaction warranty which includes shipping. This gets units past the point where you see the most troubles.

    But we have another service facility coming online soon. It has already started but when it is up and running full, we'll announce more details.

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    Would this new facility happen to be in socal? That would be a instant sale for me knowing I could just drop it off if I had any issues. Is there any picture of the newer machine with buttons Instead of switches. Just curious.

    And yes I suppose you did comment it's easier to maintain. Sorry I missed that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    But we have another service facility coming online soon. It has already started but when it is up and running full, we'll announce more details.
    Great news. My guess would be an eastern location, to better cover the US.
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    You'd be right Rambozo. Not in Southern California.

    No picture per se. But look at the 200DV, and everything is the same except where the warning lights are placed and the rocker switches now have green buttons and led's to indicate on/off and other selections of the buttons. Similar to new 250EX.

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    Hi, Kielbasavw-

    Your concerns about buying online and about service are valid, and shared by everyone. After all, it's a fistful o dollars, and you want to know you're getting value for the money.

    Part of that value, though, comes in the online nature of the purchase. Instead of paying for retail outlets, Everlast is selling online, which saves inventory and carrying costs at brick and mortar locations, and it's part of the reason Everlast costs less than red or blue.

    The purchase satisfaction warranty Performance mentions is key, because even though every machine is tested at the factory, the machines are heavy with electronics. The nature of many electronic devices is that they work perfectly as intended or they fail early. The vast, overwhelming majority of machines work as intended, but you rarely hear about this on the forums or the internet, you only hear about the failures.

    So yes, it's a gamble: will you get a "works perfectly" or "early failure" machine. But guess what: that same gamble applies to red and blue welders too. The purchase satisfaction warranty pays return shipping if it's an early failure, so if you do decide to buy, USE the machine. (Some guys let the machine sit forever... WTF!?!?!) Use it, and put hours on the clock.

    If you were already considering a 200DX, think about how portable a DV machine is, being able to plug into any wall outlet. That's huge!

    Hope to see pics of your welds here soon!

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    I understand. Part of my many questions is the lack of info on current products. Like I said most of the threads I read are a few years old. Even everlast website doesn't have updated info or even a picture.

    I just want to get up to date of what I intend to purchase soon. And what I can expect.

    And I have a few weld shots from when I took an auto body metal finishing class. I had 0 tig experience before, and minimal tig welding in that class but picked it up fairly quick.

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    email me. forum is waiting on an upgrade due to compatibilty issues and can't post pictures here. As I told you nothing really has changed in appearance, but the green touch pad.

    As far as lack of info....the website has all the specs. Not sure what is the issue with not being up to date. The 200DV is listed there.

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    forum is waiting on an upgrade due to compatibility issues
    Is there an eta on this upgrade ?
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    Talked about it tonight. Several issues at play...move over to a new refresh in progress...incompatible new server... two companies working at the same time on different aspects of the website etc. And trying to get some old records from a previous company that handled the site, which contains some info we need for the update of the forum. But it should be soon.

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