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    Hey guys will I am from Aus been using Lincoln 180c mig in my shed for the last 6 years on small projects and whilst I can lay a bead I am nothing more then a novice but do enjoy it but hate the cleanup at times
    Now I just finished a deck and kitchen renovation that the wife gave me a budget for and it came in under she is happy thus I get to spend what's left

    So have just placed an order for a Power i-TIG 200T to get me started that's about as far as I could stretch the $$$ with things like gas gloves some consumable's etc

    One of the things I wanted to ask is on the 180c mig it gave me a cheat sheet on the inside panel to help with Mild steel just a starting point
    is there anything like that with these units at all, just found it really helpful.

    I guess I will be spending a lot of time just laying beads to get a handle on it I have pelenty of time ebing a home Dad, down the track I want to build my own still etc out of stainless and I have to also weld up a water table for a plasma cutter I have just completed I may use the mig but thinking because it will be made out of thin sheet probably best using tig.

    Most of what I see myself doing in the future will be quite light fabrication and maybe a RatRod and well lets be honest who doesn't want a Tig in their shed

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    Have a look HERE. For various weld calculators that will give you some basic starting points. Watch out for metric vs imperial for some of the measurements that you might need to convert.
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    Thanks for that Rambozo just what I was looking for.

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