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Thread: 2016 PowerTIG 250EX

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    Default 2016 PowerTIG 250EX

    When I saw the 2016 version of the PowerTIG 250EX was available, I ordered one. I haven't used the machine yet, but the quality over my older 200DX is night and day! I was really surprised how much Everlast has stepped up their quality on this machine.

    How I received the box. I was pulling on the white straps, but they were where they were supposed to be when I picked it up.

    Box of goodies:

    The hose is way better than my old one:

    Foot pedal:

    The torch lead was covered in a sleeve. Very nice! Even though I haven't used the torch, I will even with my CK torch. This torch looks so much better, I just have to try it out.

    The case:
    Purple Fabricator 211i

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    The case:

    Control panel.

    Once I use the machine, I'll post some video.

    Purple Fabricator 211i

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    Nice I am am at the same place you are. I got my new 250ex 2 weeks go but All I have had time for is to unbox it. I need to modify cart I have to mke it fit . Then I will give it a go. It looks like it will be another week or so before I get to use it.
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    Mine came in last week. I got it up and running Saturday and could not believe how nice it really was. I bought it to learn How to TIG Aluminum. Works Great so far!

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    This welder is for sale. Never used it. 0 hours on it.

    It will come with the aftermarket pedal, and also a CK torch.

    $1000 + shipping.

    email me

    Local pickup in Asheville, NC or PayPal
    Purple Fabricator 211i

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